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Releasing Who You Were & Stepping into Who You’re Becoming

Understanding what phase you are in at any point of a transformation is the key to be able to embody grace and fluidity during the process. Think about a time when you went against the flow of something. It was exhausting and painful, yes? In our convo today we are leaning into this space of letting go of the old for our rebirth.

For us to start this conversation we will need to look at two parts of our identity. The version of us that we use to be and the version that we are becoming. Now, we also have this third identity. This is who you are right now in this moment. You are no longer the old you, but you’re not the future version yet. My hope is to give you some insight and a bit of an invitation in reading on. To give yourself the room and space to embrace where you are in the journey. I highly recommend listening to this full conversation on the podcast Ep 115! (Click and listen here)

How does one know if they are in the void? And how do I walk through it when I am? ( where are you in the journey of releasing & becoming?)

How to identify if you are in that in between and also understanding that you kind of always are. There will always be a flow moving through your life. There are multiple steps as we let go and move into a new way of being.

The old versus new
Releasing & Becoming

First things here, it’s important to honor that space. When things start to shift, you're going to contract a bit, doesn't mean that you're not out doing and and being, but you do contract a little bit because you need to do your own inner work. Your own self reflection is key, this is a great time to join a women circle ( Magnolia is my sister circle) or some kind of support group or even a book club where you're moving through an experience together. Then when you're ready to come out ,do it slowly, take your time, be gentle with yourself. Notice how you're feeling be very very aware don't get so busy with life that you don't really check in and ask :

Is this what I really want?

Am I happy ?

And what will make me happy?

Keep checking in and asking yourself the above questions. This is how we identify and how we walk through it. I go into great detail of the transition, transmute and transformation journey on my podcast here

How do we be in relationship with someone who is in the void ? (how to stand by someone else's releasing & becoming)

Relationships are a bit more tricky because each individual is unique. There are many factors to consider, however I think this is important for us to touch on, because our void of in between can be like a vortex. In other words we can get pulled into someone elses energy. Based on a person and where they're at we cannot rush their process, we must honor who they are and where they are. If this is someone you've known for a long time or it's someone in your family I think sacred conversations like we can talk if you wanna talk, or I will just listen. Letting them know you're not there to try to fix is key. Just letting them know you are there for them is a beautiful invitation.

When someone's in the void and you see the potential of who they are becoming, I think it's fair and beautiful and sacred if you let them know what you see. Let them know how beautiful they are. Let them know how much you appreciate them in your life and honor their journey.

How to walk through the transition in business

What about the void of business ? If you are on a career path right now, working for someone else and you're in that void energy it can be really uncomfortable.

Oftentimes, we wanna run and that's true for every time we're in the void we wanna run. e wanna run from the pain, we want to disconnect. This can look like overeating, drinking, other substances, shopping, there's all this distraction that we will put ourselves through to avoid the pain that we are feeling. Also in our business we want to recognize that we cannot push our business when it's in the void when it's in that in between state it's really important that we sink into our intuition and our inner knowing when this is happening to really pay attention and listen to that inner voice is going to be key and

I have a beautiful Soul Work Bundle that could be a great companion no matter what phase of business you're in, but I find it very very helpful when you're in the void. Helping you return back to you. Helping you return back to love. The other thing to think about in business is we don't wanna just jump in when we are in the void. We don't want to jump in into the thing that feels shiny and pretty. We start to think that shiny new thing will be the fix. However the truth is we really need to slow our pace and sink in. We don't want to create a business with a whole bunch of band-aids patching all the leaks, because that ultimately will burn the ship it. So being very very mindful of what kinds of bridges you're crossing, what kind of actions you're taking to move through the void is important here.

I think it takes a very strong sovereign individual in business , in life, in relationship to be able to navigate the void. To release the old version of self and be fully open to who you are becoming. The void is something that happens to all of us, we don't get to escape it. We don't get to opt out. We just need to know how to walk through it and to pay attention...

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