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Are You Ready For Fall Equinox?

Every year I love connecting with you and talking about the energies of the Fall Equinox. My background as a spiritual mentor has been woven with transformation and breakthroughs for those, I’ve had the honor to work with. Listen to the who convo on the Pod..Listen right here 👇🏻

As a result, I have learned to lean on natures cycles to give me insight and take those teaches and help others move through lifes challenges and upgrades. My intention today is to invite you to embrace the season in a new way this year. I want you to still visit the apple and pumpkin farms and make your favorite butternut squash receipes, but this season I invite you to also check in with who you are becoming at this season of your life.

The Science of Fall Equinox

You may be wondering why the first day of Fall is so special. Let’s begin by looking at a more scientific view. There are only two times of the year when the Earth's axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a "nearly" equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. These events are referred to as Equinoxes. The word equinox is derived from two Latin words - aequus (equal) and nox (night).

The Spiritual Energy of the Fall Equinox

There is also the spiritual meaning of the entrance to Fall and it’s called Mabon. Mabon is essentially a harvest festival. Ancient Celts and pagans used this day to give thanks to nature for a good harvest and to pray to their gods and goddesses that the crop would last throughout the winter. There’d be feasting, fires, and offerings.

Fall Equinox is delightful

The fall equinox is a time when day and night are equal length, in terms of daylight. The fall equinox marks the official start of fall, the first day of Libra season, and yes, Mabon. The exact date can fall anytime between September 22 and 24, depending on the year. In 2023, it's on September 22.

To understand the full season’s energy we also want to consider how the 12 month cycle is a complete circle. Think of the first day of Spring as the beginning and the last day of Winter as the end or the completion of the circle. Spring is new beginnings, a time of planting your dreams in fertile soil and tending to your desires and dreams daily. Letting the rain of the season nurish and invite your seeds to sprout. Then Summer our sprouts flourish and grow under the longest days of the year and flow and grow fruit. Summer is always an exciting time, we focus our time on celebration and excitement of what is growing in our lives. Fall is time to harvest the fruits of our labor. It’s also the opportunity to notice what has not given us something to harvest. Fall is important because it’s a bekoning to refine our dreams and desires. To be grateful for what has born fruit and also let go of what has not. Winter is an invitation to go inward. To saver our own company and lean into our intuition and process the seasons that have past and decide our direction for the upcoming Spring.

Now this is just a short review, but hopefully you could imagine how we move through the seasons. You may also notice themes in your own life that represent my explanation. On a side note, it’s key for me to sy here, that we all have our own rhythm, you may find that your seasons feel a bit different. That Winter is your Summer and Summer energy is more inward for you. And that is true for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. And yes, we define what the seasons me to us.

Fall is an invitation. It’s an opportunity for you to check in with you. How are you really? Is there something inside of you that calls for balance?

Lean in and Learn More and Listen to the podcast

Fall Equinox Invite

This year I’m offering an online ceremony and experience along with a workbook & training to prepare you for the Fall Equinox. On 9/21 we are coming together on zoom and if you can’t make it we will have a replay for you so you can listen to it on the 22nd or 23rd which ever day you are celebrating the equinox. In fact the energy of the work can be completed any time.

Please join us for this special event. You can enroll here for only $22. You’ll receive your workbook and training straight away and the link to join us for our live event.


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Much Love,

Joie Kya


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