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The educational podcast for seekers, leaders, coaches, healers and change makers.
Each episode activates, awakens and teaches. It's like a workshop for the soul and mind!

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Experiencing Your Own Feminine Genius

Beauty Models

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Recent Episodes

I didn't realize that I had so much to say...
And it's only the beginning!

Two years ago I got the nudge to start a podcast. Since then I have learned to truly value having a place to share and express myself. Here I get to share my journey of personal self exploration and strategies & lessons on running a soul-led business. 

Love for you to check it out. 


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Our Most Popular Episodes

77:Experiencing Your Own Feminine Genius

85:Wisdom into Inspiration-How we inspire others.

68: How I prefer to Level Up My Learning Game. Podcast, Books, Blogs, Courses, Coaches and More

81: Want Success? Ask Yourself This!

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I'm Joie Kya

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. 

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The Joie Kya Course Suite


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The world is changing...Are you ready?

We need more leaders, healers, coaches, ceo's and sacred change makers for the future. Your unique gifts are part of this global transformation we are embarking upon. 

Trust your beautiful heart and step into your power. 


A space for leaders, entrepreneurs, CEO's and change makers to elevate and grow their impact.

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We are who we surround ourselves with! We are always excited to invite high vibe friends like you.


Easy access self-paced courses to grow your intuition, align life/biz and hit reset, refresh and refine. 

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