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Wisdom into Inspiration-How we inspire others.

Let's talk about wisdom, often we believe that wisdom is for someone else. I promise you , that even in your twenties your unique life journey has given you wisdom. In this article we are going to talk about all the things that make you so amazing and how to know when you are ready to bring your wisdom forward to inspire others. I'm thinking this conversation is going to be a game let's get into it!

Where does wisdom come from?

Wisdom is something that evolves within us. I believe there are 3 ways we gain wisdom.

1. Mistakes and lessons we make along the way. This shows up in our relationships, jobs, moves we make and although no one wakes up and says today I am going to make some mistakes so I can learn and become wise, it's ultimately what we are doing each day. We are best to walk through it with grace and do our best. Reflecting on our lessons is the key to truly learning and harvesting our wisdom from them.

2. Experiences, life delivers so many opportunities to learn and absorb this human experiences. Maybe it's something to do with our health or traveling or getting a degree. There are many ways you can look at the definition of experiences. The key is to foster the growth we receive by walking through them. In the full conversation on the WildSoul Academy Podcast we dive deeper into how this shows up for us.

3. Born wisdom, our inner knowing is a special level of our wisdom. Its our inner guidance and our ability to just know and understand certain things without having those life experiences. We may just have a feeling or can see things from a specific point of view and this always translates to this born wisdom.

When do our lessons become wisdom?

How do you know with these lessons and experiences are ready to become wisdom? I have been ask this many times with my clients and students. The answer is simple and yet unique to the individual. When you feel ready is part of that answer, but its also when the invitation shows up to step into the role of sharing your wisdom. It is important to keep in mind that we need time to process our lessons and we can't rush the readiness. It's key to your evolution to give time and attention to your processing. The way you know if your ready to share it is to give it time and allow it to become easeful to communicate it. Not painless, but having the ability to tap into the wisdom and inner warrior it brought out in you.

How do we inspire with our wisdom?

We often believe that we are supposed to keep the ugly parts of our lives to ourselves. The truth is we need each others stories to inspire us. We want to see ourselves in another's story. We want to know that things are possible and we can overcome our challenges and tests too. Your magic is in the not so pretty parts of your life, but this is where you are the most masterful.

Your beauty needs to be seen and are full of wisdom my friend. I want to encourage you to show you fully...use #wisdomintofreedom and #wisdomintowealth and share your story with your fellow wild souls. And I would love if you added my handle @joiekya so I can see your stories of wisdom unleashed and shown fully...Listen to the entire episode above or at WildSoul Academy Podcast wherever you like to listen to the show.


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