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The Joie Kya On Demand Suite

Get instant access to what you need right now!

This collection of courses & tools are here to serve you at exactly the right time. Simple choose your adventure and you will get access on the JK learning platform...


I'm Joie Kya

I have loved the journey of discovering all of the parts of my soul gifts. And I know you have many layers too. It is my desire to work with beauties like you. To hold space for you to illuminate and discover all that you are in this life. 

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Tarot for the WildSoul

Get my all access pass to the nuts & bolts of Tarot and my Grow Your Intuition Blueprint that will skyrocket your3rd eye at the same time. 



On Demand Access to Workshop

You are a sacred creator of your life and existence. in this container we honor all that you are. we hold your dream seeds and allow for them to blossom into purposeful action steps you can begin taking immediately.

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Wellness Bundle

Meditations, Tools & Techniques for any leader

"Working with Joie was kismet, her approach was exactly what I needed for my awakening and breakthrough."



Enjoy these freedom tools to upgrade your life & impact.

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My Favorite Inspirational Music

Connect with my playlist on Spotify by follow the link and get ready to get inspired. Dance, work, clean the dishes....whatever feels good. 

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My Mindfulness Practice

Enjoy my morning practice where I love to start my day with my Chai Latte and Journal by my side. 

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Your Unique Soul Gift

You know there is a divine gift within and you now feel the need to understand it more than ever. Let's unveil your soulful gifts with my favorite tool.

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Activate your Greatness

Check out this absolutely free training where I share my 10 Laws to Greatness for the leaders of the world. Includes, workbook and video training.

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Pen Pals

Dropping into your mailbox monthly bringing in some high vibe goodness. Sharing best practices, inspiration, how to's and much more.

Plus 15% off your first session..
code is sent to your inbox. 

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I'm Joie Kya

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. 

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