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How I prefer to Level Up My Learning Game. Podcast, Books, Blogs, Courses, Coaches and More

I love to learn; I’m talking about being a life-long student and the different ways we can upgrade and level up personally and professionally.

In fact, I think I’ve only gotten more committed to learning and growing through my decade of entrepreneurship because every time I invested in myself, my business has grown and improved exponentially.

There are so many different learning opportunities for us out there, from free too cheap to super high-ticket, so in this episode, I am exploring the different options, why some make more sense than others depending on where you’re at in life and business, and how to discern which investment is not only worth your money, but that will actually accelerate your success.

I’m covering books, podcasts, courses, coaches, masterminds, and more, and giving my take on the learning industry for business owners. Ready to learn?

Books, Podcasts, Blogs & YouTube

If you’re seeking a great starting point you can choose books, podcasts, blogs, or YouTube to find some juicy inspiration and knowledge. Books may cost a few bucks, but ultimately not too pricey and the others are almost always free.

My number one go-to from this list is podcasts. I love the option of pushing play on one of my favorite shows and listening while I do life stuff like dishes, driving and even gardening. My ideal episode is twenty to forty minutes, just long enough to get some kind of tip, inspiration or how-to.

I also love audio books for the same reason. Although I prefer a book I can just press play and get a little something within the same timeframe as a podcast and for this reason I

prefer how-to and inspirational books.

Blogs are another great resource and only take a few minutes to get a takeaway or learn something. My favorite resource for finding blogs is Pinterest. I bet you thought I was going to say Google, but Pinterest is where it’s at in my opinion. I go to the search bar on my Pinterest App and type in what I’m wanting to find and a stream of resources pops up without it being too busy or flooded with adds. The last free resource for learning is YouTube, I use this tool for things like learning computer software, but many prefer this method of learning the same way I use books, podcasts and blogs.

As you can see, there are many ways to go and a blend of all four is a great option. Yes, it’s a great starting point but it’s also great at any phase of your business or self-care journey.

Courses and Coaches

So, this is my world, the work I do each day in my business. I offer both courses and coaching, if I didn’t experience some amazing courses and coaches in my entrepreneurial journey, I wouldn’t understand the true value it offers.

Courses come in a huge variety of topics from how to, on doing your own tune-up on your car, to things more my speed like my Soul Leadership Program. There are so many ways creators and educators deliver their courses, so it’s key to get to know the educator before jumping in.

Some courses cost a few bucks while others are in the thousands. The way I value the course, is to see what I will learn and how long it will take me to learn it. For example, an online course that has five modules that I can move through in just a couple of hours is great when I am learning how to build a website or learn about how to use LinkedIn.

A course on decluttering my home may take me longer, as I like to take the do as I learn approach which may take weeks or even months. It really depends on the topic and learning style. Another aspect to consider is the educator, I recommend getting a taste of the teacher before investing. It’s important that your learning style aligns with their teaching style. When there is a disconnect you may hit a wall and spend money on a course you struggle to get through.

Next, let’s look at coaching and consulting. This is when you hire a specialist to help you level up. This is often a higher price point because you are getting 1:1 support from the teacher. I recommend this method when you need to level up quick and are ready to implement the things you learn right away. This will usually be a sprint emotionally, mentally and even physically depending on what you are hiring for.

One of the most important pieces of the decision to hire a coach is to ensure what they promise is what you seek. Know your why, before stepping into a co-creative space with a specialist. If you go into the partnership, clear and focused you can catapult your life and or business.

Hybrid Courses and Masterminds

Our last category is yet another approach to learning, however I believe that bringing in community is a high level of opportunity and upgrade with these options. The price points will vary, but I would be prepared for a time and money commitment that may challenge you a bit. When I say yes to a group program, I know I’m saying yes to a new network, raising my own game, and about to make some big changes to my life and business.

The Mastermind is going to vary in price, but often it’s a group of peers who come together to give and hold accountability and it’s also a brainstorming incubator of sorts. Sometimes there is a facilitator and other times the group takes turn being timekeepers and organizers.

Hybrid courses are something that I have brought into my business in the past few years. I find bring in programs like Soul Leadership that offers community, self-pace learning, group coaching and trainings blended throughout the course allows for deep integration and application. This means you are highly focused and seeing big results. As a student this is what I look for when I’m looking to breakthrough a glass ceiling in my life or business.

As you have read there are many ways to learn and take your business and life game to the next level. I find that they’re all beneficial to my growth, it's truly a matter of what you seek. Want a small tidbit? Listen to a podcast…I am thinking you may like WildSoul Academy if you enjoyed this article. Want to learn a deep dive on a specific topic? Sign up for a self-pace course. Want a high touch learning environment? Think about joining a hybrid course like Soul Leadership. The approaches and ways you learn are many. I celebrate you for considering the next step for you and encourage you to share with me @joiekya on Instagram what next thing you are going to learn. I will comment and respond personally celebrating your mighty wins..

Until Next Time…

Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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