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Want Success? Ask Yourself This!

We all have goals, dreams, and vision for our businesses and lives. Maybe your goals have changed through time but have you ever wondered why you haven't reached a specific outcome that you just know aligns with you. In this article we are going to ask ourself a question that I do believe is the game changer that will address why you haven't reached that goal yet. So let's jump in!

Here is the big question...are you ready?


Read that question a few times for a moment. I mean really think about a specific goal that you have had and haven't reached. Did you show up as the same old version of you or did you step into the next evolution of you to achieve it? Because there is a big difference in how you show up when you are preparing to level up in your life.

Let's talk about 3 key things to consider when answering the above question....

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Here are the 3 things!

  1. Mindset...What is the mindset of successful you? How do you think, act and behave? What does your inner dialog entail? Let's get real, mindset and movement are all you need to begin to manifest anything. It truly is that simple although we love to complicate it. But having the right mindset will determine what you do create in your life...remember that your thoughts and feelings about anything create a ripple effect. This means if you believe something your behavior will match that belief.

  2. Create Habits that align with your successline...First you must be as clear as possible in what you are wanting to create, so dial in your goal. Then its about creating structure in your life that makes room for the manifestation to grow. I love having a morning practice of meditation and journaling, working out creates clarity and get's the icky out of my body which creates more clarity. Lastly, look to those who are already doing it! Who is already successful? How did they get there and what kind of habits and structure got them there...seriously find out and try it on..

  3. Show up as her...I'm not saying to fake it till you make it...But begin to ask yourself, how does the successful me celebrate, love, nurture and show up? Ask yourself those questions for how you show up for you and in your relationships.

It's key to see where you are right now and then ask yourself where am I going? What is the destination? From here you can zoom out and look at your life and ask...Where is the gap? It's important to note, that there is always a gap from where we are and where we are going, the key is to be mindful about it and continue to challenge yourself to evolve. Remember to set aside the inner critic and see your potential and move towards her. For the full conversation you can listen to the full episode on the WildSoul Academy podcast.


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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