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A Sisterhood for the Heart.

Welcome To
A Sacred Space for those
of us who desire & dream.

Are you ready for deep powerful expansion and connection with others just like you? Do you desire a deepening of how you're walking through life?

Feel into the invitation to show up for you...give yourself permission to vibrate higher.

Welcome to the Sacred Experience of Magnolia...

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Brought to you by

Joie Kya

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Magnolia~ A Sisterhood for the Heart.

This is your invitation to join us on a journey of self exploration and stepping into your energetic upgrade.

Potent & Powerful Women are coming together to ignite their potential and start thinking bigger about what’s possible in their lives. If you’re ready for more and you are looking for a supportive, inclusive community of women, this space is for you!

Hold Space for your Magic, Manifest your Dreams,
and Open Yourself up to Miracles.

You have an unlimited amount of potential... it's available in every cell of your body, when you open your heart and mind to it you begin to call your desires and dreams into reality...

When we embark on a journey with others, we weave our individual magical threads into a vibrant tapestry of shared energy and as a result we co-create a sacred space. A space for miracles, magic and growth to take place.


I invite you to immerse yourself in a collective of like souls... Join us in a vibrant women's circle of soul-led companions, support, and inspiration as we manifest our intentions, nurture each others dreams and allow for miracles to occur.

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What we do here...

What's Inside?


Open Circle

Offering a unique drop in community experience each week. This is an opportunity to connect, share what you desire support around, and receive reflection and guidance from Joie Kya and the Magnolia Leadership team. In this 45 minute session you'll hear a message to feed your soul, have the opportunity to share, ask questions, and receive energy upgrades for the week ahead. This takes place on zoom and is recorded for replay. In the past this has been one of the favorite parts of our sisterhood circle. This is a drop-in option and feels like popping in to a girlfriends house for a cup of coffee. 

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Sacred Council 

 We call our entire community to join us in this once a month virtual experience.. These are powerful opportunities to gain clarity and get to the root of what needs to shift for your growth and expansion.  In this space we trust what blooms within, these sessions are curated based on what we feel is needed for our greater collective. Some of the theme's you can look forward to are abundance practices, intuition development, legacy and impact, relationship upgrades, creating freedom and fulfillment and so much more. Replays available for those who are unable to join us on zoom.


Intimate Group Calls

The Magnolia Circle will be divided into smaller Sister Circles for in-depth support, connection and accountability.  Each circle has a member of our Magnolia Leadership team and together, you can choose to meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Fitting this call into your life has the potential to deeply impact your life in positive ways. This is an incredible aspect of the journey.

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Always Open

Community Thread

You’ll have access to an online group space to connect with the community, Joie & our Magnolia Leaders are on the thread for feedback, encouragement, support, and silliness. We’ll play, explore, hold space, answer questions, share our favorite things...You name it, we are in complete flow, we swirl & dance with the energy as the thread moves..  truly anything and everything, but without the pressure to “keep up” 24/7. Drop in when it feels good and deepen your connection with your Magnolia Sisters

On Demand

Courses & Tools

You’ll have an all-access pass to a library of courses, training and tools. This is available on a learning platform that is filled with things like replays from our live calls, meditations, personal development tools, daily practices and much more. This is an opportunity to receive guidance on the areas that you’re focused on, with access to a larger on demand landscape of tools to help you become bolder, braver and bigger. 

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In Person Opportunities

Each quarter you have the option to join us in person for a Magnolia Sisters Gathering. 

These are fully optional and do cost an additional fee. We open these events for all, but our sisters have access to our pre registration, plus a huge discount ranging from 20 to 50 percent off the public pricing. We offer 2 one day women circle events and 2 full weekend events each year. Upcoming we have our Women's Harvest Circle set for October 22nd in Grass Valley, Ca.



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👑 Beauty: Embrace and unleash the pure magic that resides within you, accessing your deepest well of creativity, intuition, and transformative power.

🌙 Luminosity:  Experience collective energy and tap into the power of collective intention and witness the miracles that unfold when we align in togetherness. 


💞 Openness: Engage in heart-centered conversations, form lifelong friendships, and collaborate with fellow sisters who understand and celebrate your unique gifts.

⚡️Ownership: Immerse yourself in a diverse range of workshops and practices. Elevate and expand the current version of you...Wear your crown Queen.

🧜🏼‍♀️ Magic: Transform & activate your queendom by taking part in powerful rituals, energy activations, and transformative practices that will catalyze profound shifts in your life, allowing you to step into your highest potential.

"This space is sacred and special.
It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. The souls that are drawn to Joie's work are truly magical and amazing."
~Kim Bates

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"Joie has a gift in facilitating the right people into a group, there is something magical in working with people who are on the same journey and have the strength to be vulnerable around you, and lifting you up when you share your story." 

You may be on the fence… I understand.
Making a commitment like this must come from a place of a sacred heck yes! I want to share with you in my own words why this space and why now...


Push Play👇🏻

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We Got You!


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How do you join? We honor the sacred invitation. If you are here reading this, then you've been invited. Now, the only question is, are you a sacred yes or no? We honor both here...

Commitment, we ask that each member makes a 6 month commitment to travel with us. After your first 6 months we invite you to stay as long as you feel aligned.

We open our circle once a month, you may join us whenever you'd like and have access to all that we are. We hold a special welcome ceremony to all new members during our Sacred Council Call each month. 


I'm so passionate about holding space for women to heal, evolve and grow to new levels. And I love watching spirited souls like you make a greater difference in their lives and communities. 

We are starting our Magnolia Sister Circle with private invitations. This means you get to join and you are also invited to share this space with up to 3 other women you know who will also align with the magic we hold. 

If you don't have anyone on your heart to invite we fully honor that. Just know we are mindfully calling the most aligned women into our space.

 We're in full trust that Magnolia will attract like minded spirited souls. 

Let's Talk Cost, we are offering everything detailed below for $111 a month or $555 PIF for your 6 month journey.

This includes: 

 Weekly Open Circle (monthly value $400)

 Sacred Council Session (monthly value: $200)

Intimate Sisters Group (monthly value $500)

On Demand Library of Sacred Tools, Replays & Courses (value $2500)


Community Sister Chat  (value: $PRICELESS)

Quarterly In Person Gatherings  (discounts: 20 - 50% off)

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start right away!

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