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Sacred Illuminator

My wholehearted intention is to illuminate the light within every soul I journey this life with...

Once Upon a Time...

I lost sight of who I was, I felt stuck in a job that burned me out and my marriage was falling apart.  I had three children under the age of six and it seemed like I was failing at everything. I felt desperate for change.

I then reconnected to my soul's journey...

Big Tree

One of the greatest moments in my life was when I discovered a deeper version of me. 

Discovering My Truth

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The most powerful year of my life was in 2007 when I rediscovered me. I began a journey of exploration, meditation, ritual, and divine embodiment. It was the year that I saw life through full color lenses. 

The most profound truth was that I didn't have to live life the way the world carved it out to be. I was a powerful manifestor and creator. I could change my current reality.....And so...I did.

What does a Magical Life Entail?

Magical is not perfection, but it is bliss and delight in every aspect of your life. It's about being playful and seeing the beauty in what life has to offer...

I believe listening to the call to return to our feminine ancestral roots is part of our reclaiming of power and divine healing. She is inside of all of us...We also have our sacred masculine that calls us into action and asks us to create a balance.

Connecting with both through our earth and spirit. Keeping one foot in each world is the most powerful embodiment you can embrace.


I believe that you have connected here for a divine purpose.


There is something here for you!


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