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© 2019 by Joie Kya. 

Joie is 

a Soul Weaver, Illuminator, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Sacred Collaborator, Soulful Author, Inspirational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Life Blueprint Architect, and the most Grounded Free Spirit you will ever meet.

Joie works with sovereign entrepreneurs to develop a heart centered business and to release blocks that otherwise hold them back from being their authentic selves. She offers private and group trainings as well as the Soulfire Mastermind to transform business owners into fierce and soulful CEO’s.

Joie also works with the individual seeking more in their lives and works with multiple approaches to help those who seek transformation to reinvent their lives. She offers intuitive readings, Shamanic healing sessions, meditation sessions, life coaching, and spiritual counseling.

As a healer and intuitive in a world of extreme’s where we feel increasingly disconnected and controlled, Joie aims to remind others of their power, their strengths, sacred gifts and that they are not alone as they continually heal, change and evolve. She proclaims to be the most grounded free spirit you will ever meet, because she strives to live with one foot in each world. She lives by the philosophy that we are spiritual beings living in a physical form to grow and evolve. This translates to we are in forgiveness school, life is our gift and we must act on the opportunity. 

The scared gift of collaboration is near and dear to Joie’s soul purpose and call at this season of her life. She works with other great leaders and influencers to create workshops, special events and certification programs for her WildSoul Academy. This is her labor of love and if given the choice would collaborate daily.


In the Past

As a life long soul-centered lover of life  Joie has been a seeker. As a young adult she began her exploration of all things spiritual. She felt pulled towards the metaphysics, the nature path, Shamanism, Hinduism, and A Course of Miracles. She learned the powerful tools of divination and meditation and began to connect to the divine with focus and purpose. She developed and trained with great spiritual leaders such as Marianne Williamson and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Joie also spent many years as a leader in multiple capacities. Including spending fifteen years in corporate management in a role that launched her passion for training and developing leaders. She left her business role to write, teach, and counsel in the area of self-development with a focus on meditation and spiritual practice in 2011. She founded a non profit spiritual center in early 2013 and developed her role as a spiritual influencer. Although, this was not a sustainable venture she learned many things about having a business and a nonprofit in the soul centered platform. Most importantly, she learned to fail and rise at a high energetic level.


Although these roles served her mind and soul at deep levels, she wanted more. The vision of taking her background and enhancing her knowledge to include psychology and how to live optimally in real life was born. She studied and immersed herself in her education to understand behavior change and how to live a life full of significance. The reward wasn't the many degrees and certificates she acquired in her journey, but the gift to hold space for others to safely transform their lives.  


Today you can find Joie teaching courses, working with her clients, speaking about her passion for change, and writing her books. She is surrounded by the many blessings in her life and holds many roles as mother, friend, lover, sister, and daughter.