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Soul-Led Leaders Make Waves 

The Wave Society is for you if...

You are craving connection with other ambitious female entrepreneurs & leaders, because doing it alone is overrated! 

You feel the next level of you emerging and want a space that can support you through it.

You are craving some accountability and want to surround yourself with goal oriented peers.

You are an ambitious woman who wants to grow personally & professionally.

You wish you had mentors and peers that you could go to when your working through a challenge or hurdle. 

You desire a space to celebrate your wins beyond likes on social media. We are talking genuine heartfelt celebration of your wins!

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Does any of this resonate?

A space for wildly ambitious soul-led female entrepreneurs and leaders coming together to thrive and create freedom in their lives and business.

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Who we are...

We are a collective of unapologetic ambitious women who are wildly driven by vision & purpose. We understand that we can go it alone, but choose to rise together and in doing so we generate unlimited opportunity. 

This collective is a vibrant family of wholehearted female leaders who have creative ideas and dreams and want to make a difference in the world. 

So glad you landed are invited to join us.


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We understand how important your mission is...and we want to see you be successful and make the impact you're meant to express..

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What we do...

We are bringing powerful women together to encourage and inspire each other. To be real and raw...share the struggle and the success!

We exist because we are not meant to do it alone. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or you're just beginning your journey this space will offer you community, network, B2B support, education, and growth.

We need each other to thrive and to move to the next level, we need support and a roadmap, and that's the vision we hold within this space. We are part referral network( yes, you will get more business), part creative collaboration hub, part business school, and a place for personal development & mindset growth with a sprinkle of the mystical. 

Community + Connection + Collaboration = Results for the feminine leader...

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Soul-led Leaders Make Waves...
We stand for


Our 3 C's Framework...


We are community above everything, we believe surrounding yourself with leaders on a similar path focused on personal and professional growth is essential to ones success. We honor your ambition and want you to know that whatever you want is attainable. We support and enrich each others lives and businesses through heart-centered relationships and a hold nothing back environment. 


Visionaries thrive in our space, because we love to dream big here and we also love to see it manifested. We support business to business partnerships on all levels including a referral network platform and sub collectives within the network so you can work together on specific areas in your business like social media, content creation, podcasters network and many more. You could find your next business bestie here, your next team member or who knows...the possibilities are endless and we invite you to express and be as bright as you want to be here...We leave all fear and ego's at the metaphoric door. 

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Cohesive Connection

We foster a place of deep connection with your fellow leaders. The collective is what we bring to it and our energy & abundance mindset is contagious and an important element of our mission. We encourage our members to take care of themselves and believe that connection with self and our inner guidance is as important if not more important than connecting with other members. We've got you in this area and offer an entire library of self care and development tools as soon as you enter.

Lastly, we love coming together in person when we can and we have gatherings throughout our network for you to engage in..and we have our annual conference, with our first one in Fall of 2023!


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Have you started to envision how a community like this can enrich your life & business? 

What type of women are here?


who have been feeling a call to show up bigger in their lives. Whether they want to step into a side gig, start a blog or podcast, or just show up bigger and brighter in the world. These individuals know the power of surrounding themselves with amazing unstoppable women. 

Healers & Practitioners

who are powerful in their gifts and have been working to make great impact with their clients, but know there soul is calling them into a greater and more impactful leadership. 


who run communities and companies that are making a big impact, they are moving to the next level and lean in here to amplify their strength and surge forward. They know that they need mentors and peers to support them on the journey.


who are in diverse industries, like finance, real estate, business, design, architecture, health - who know that their leadership moves beyond their work and collaborative projects. These women want to shake up the status quo, learn the arts of invoking extraordinary human potential and move to higher level of leadership and legacy.


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About Joie

Educator, Soul-Led Entrepreneur, Community Leader, Podcaster, Mother, and the most grounded free spirit you will ever meet.

A wild soul that loves life to the fullest...


I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. My wholehearted intention is to illuminate the light within every soul I journey this life with...

This is why this collective is so important. To support each other in our lives and business. To heal the scarcity mindset and align with deep abundance and freedom.

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The Details...

Entrepreneur Playbook

We have Tools, Courses & Masterclasses for you...