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Becoming More Energy Rich & How to Protect it Once You Align With It.

What are you giving energy to?

Where are you putting your power?

We want to pay attention, to our energy and have we direct it in our life. Is it going towards another individual? towards a project? Begin to reflect and investigate where you’re guiding your energy and ultimately your power… we want to be very mindful with where that power is going and invite ourselves to harness your energy and call your power back home…When we do this we become very intentional about how we direct it and where we direct it. This in turn, changes the game and how we show up as that CSO that chief soul officer.

As a result we are able to truly create traction towards the things that are really important to us. Today I give this as an invitation, where is your power going? who are you giving that energy to? and have you forgotten to give it to yourself?

Don't forget that you are an energy source, so when we do not empower ourselves then we miss the most important step to guiding our energy and directing it in a way that is going to bring us the things that we desire and dream of. I have spent many years giving my power and my energy away, spreading it in too many directions and so forth. What I've learned in time is that when I harness my power when I take time to feel my own energy and my own capability and dream and desire bigger, braver and bolder. In those seasons of harnessing my energy I begin to question and ask myself where does my power want to flow? what feels aligned for me right now ? Those types of inquiries really make a difference and as a result we achieve things that are truly aligned to our desire.

So we have a few things to consider:

#1: Where is your power going right now ?

#2: How do you want to use your power?

#3: What does the future look like?

Once you call your energy and ultimately your power back, where do you desire to guide it? Maybe you have no idea at this moment, but just imagine feeling energy rich and fully energized. A space of knowing you have all of this passion and excitement and it’s just a matter of plugging it into the thing that you want to do. Are you on board with me? If so, we want to take all three steps and break them down for you in this episode.

Where is your power today:

I'm going to give you some questions, some things to think about so you can identify those energetic cords. Question #1, your personal relationships… who is getting the majority of your time in your personal life? Who are they? And, what kind of give and take does that relationship have?

Our realities are often placed in the most important relationships we have. We must look at them with clarity, do you find it being a one way current or does the current go both ways? you're receiving their energy and you're giving your energy, it’s give and take and it feels really good with it flows back and forth…

Or, are we really looking at a different situation ? Are we looking at someone who constantly needs our attention and constantly needs our hand holding and they're not our children maybe they're adults…they are exhausting. Yeah, so now in the rest of your life, you're suffering because well you don't have empowerment.. You know as a mom, I can say that there have been seasons in my motherhood where that was my job. My job was to raise that child to put my energy and focus into my children in a way that I knew was beneficial and was a temporary season . . that is not what we're talking about here, but if that is the case, we hold and we honor it…

However, let's look at any relationship beyond that, let’s say it is taking a lot of your energy . Sometimes they are partners in our intimate relationships, sometimes they're best friends … we want to just pay attention to these dynamics.

Now we asked ourselves where am I putting my energy professionally?

Many of you have a dream to create a business… to expand and scale your business depends on what things you desire. Do you dream to reach more, impact more, and leave that love legacy that's within you …and we want to be very mindful of that energy where has it been going recently? as of late where has your energy gone and has it helped you? has it helped you in the way of moving the energy to achieve the thing…. to step into the containers to be on the platforms that are aligned to your vision…

let's say that you have desire to show up online and if you want to offer courses and do some one-on-one searching and you want to create a hybrid experience the program… the first thing you want to do is to create that course and you want to after you create the course you want to then offer it with one-on-one services.

Where we put our energy matters

Understand what the impact is… when we put our energy in the wrong places…we waste valuable time, energy and power… so if I want to have a hybrid course for example you know and I put all my energy in learning this brand new platform that ultimately doesn't work it doesn't work for the course but I build this whole thing out and it doesn't work and now I've wasted all of this time creating something that doesn't work meanwhile I could have been doing this work with my client all along…

I could start to build the course and teach it live I don't have to wait but the world tells me that I have to be all perfect and have it all dialed in and and all the effects and all the workbooks and all that has to be done before I can begin but does it really so we put our energy into something and we never begin we never actually start to make the impact and help people which is why we wanted to do it in the first place.

So when we are looking at this area we really want to get clear it's like well what's distracting you from the work I wanna do and what's allowing me to do the work that I really truly want to do.

Ok, so we do that and we look at the things and we just call ourselves out. We notice, we get curious, we pay attention….we ask questions and we get real about it ….and I'm gonna warn you right now! As a listener let's make sure that you're not doing that well that's not me.

I promise friend, there is something right now in your life where you're putting your energy and it is just wasted. it is a waste of your brilliance and your magic and your potential..

Call your energy home

This is a really important step because we want to call our energy home so that we can sit in our own love essence… so we can really feel into what it is that's in our hearts and discover what wants to be birthed…. …How do we do that you may wonder? what I do is a healing process called the Lotus meditation.( Get the Well-Ness Bundle Here) This is a process of running energy and calling your energy and power from others back to you. it's a meditation slash healing that energizes you and allows you to get clean and clear and feel very whole so that you can look at the next steps the next actions and get very clear on what is important to you and how you want to proceed mindfully. It's included in my Well-Ness Bundle that you can find at…Because this is how I believe we heal is through calling our energy and power home.

Looking Ahead and Futurecasting

What is your love mission what is the legacy and the impact you want to make and when we get here because we've gotten really clear we've done some assessing of where we've been putting our energy. we're now going OK I want my power to now be redirected where do you want to direct it? one of the things that I think is really important to note here is our why, why are we taking actions every single day that are going to truly move the needle… and that is the greater invitation … that is our opportunity to make this is the three areas and use this like I'd love to come up with like a formula so that every week we're assessing this and we're going OK where's our game where's our gaps what's working what's not working OK let's what are we doing this week to make it different.

This is a full invitation for you to hold your energy sacred. To place your essence ahead of all the rest. We do this, because we know that when we are energetically charged we become unstoppable and can make the greatest impact. Not because we we took time for us, but because we are true to ourselves. And when we come from our truth, we are living our love legacy and that in turn because a ripple in world. There is something so beautiful when we see another woman glow.

I would like to invite you to the SACRED BUSINESS INCUBATOR. We begin our next cohort August 29th. In this benchmark program you’re guided through a powerful and potent exploration to define & develop your aligned work. The mission is simple, create a space for any individual who feels a call for something greater. If you are looking to take up more space in the world through engaging communities, sharing your creative expression, being in service for a greater impact, this is a beautiful space for you to develop the gift that is rising within you.

Sending you so much love...Until Next Time xoxo...

Joie Kya


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