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A Calling for those who feel pulled to show up and serve in a sacred way.

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Course by:

Soul Guide, Educator &
Sacred Business Illuminator

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  • A lifestyle of work that you find fulfilling and purposeful. 

  • Freedom to live life on your own terms and still make a nice revenue stream to sustain the goodness life has available for you.

  • A way for you to take that feeling to serve others and create something that makes impact in the world.

Have you been dreaming of a heart led conscious biz where you can be of service and make a beautiful life for yourself?

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  • Doubting yourself and your abilities?

  • Fear of being judged by peers, family, yourself?

  • Wonder if it's too late to take this kinda leap?

  • Lot's of beautiful ideas and not sure which one to put your energy into?

  • Have no idea where to begin and overwhelmed at the thought?

That fear has you stuck, how do I know? I've been there. We can overcome that fear together. You don't have to go it alone! 

Through this program we take you through a Soul-Led Business Framework that gives you space to grow your ideas and discover your soul gifts in a sacred space of exploration and development. 

In this 6 month journey you will leave with a completed vision and business model, along with a brand message, and techniques to hold space for others transformation. 

I teach you my techniques of meditation, energy work, intuition, mindset tools, and teaching to groups and communities. Each student is encouraged to develop their own modalities and to weave the practices I've been developing for over 12 years.   

By the end of six months you will have created a fully realized business along with a plan of action to launch, expand or scale your business.


I'm Joie Kya

I created the Sacred Business Incubator for change makers like you.

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I believe that we all need a space to explore and develop our gifts which is expressed in many ways throughout our life. As a spiritual teacher & guide for the past twelve years, and even my decades in corporate America, I have had many evolutions of what it means to show up in my leadership. Through my experience I have discovered that one of the most impactful elements that can help a soul leader rise into their greatness is to be held and supported.  And this my dear soul is why you are here.

 I believe we all have a healer within..It just takes another sacred healer to activate your wisdom and then the flood of knowing enters you...

I am so grateful you have discovered this raw, to the core, soul-led program. The work of discovering our souls’ unique gifts and intergrading them into our life is everything I do this work for. It is my everlasting desire to help you turn your inner light on and allow it to illuminate out into the world.

Here we come together and unlock our power and integrate it into something raw and unstoppable. We show up in deep service in our communities, families, and work.

We understand the importance of scared living and seek to make a greater impact in the expression of our souls' call. 

In this benchmark program you’re guided through a powerful and potent exploration to define your aligned and true gifts. The mission is simple, create a space for any individual who feels a call for something greater. If you are looking to take up more space in the world through engaging communities, sharing your artistic expression, being in service for a greater impact, this is a beautiful space for you to develop the gift that is rising within you.

Laptop and Stationery

Guided Self-Paced Work w/ Joie

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In our 6 month container you will have 6 modules to move through. They are designed so you may complete them in 8 weeks although you have a half year to do them at your own pace.

Some of our training topics are...
Fierce Self-Love, Mindset Techniques, Radiance, Soul Purpose Blueprint, Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Soul Activation, Business Playbook, Becoming Magnetic, Abundance Activation, Healing Modalities and so much more. 

I know it takes strong sovereign leaders who have a deep understanding of their role in the world to make the greatest difference, which is why I know you are meant to be here…

Families Communicating Via Video Calls

Private Platform

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We have a private practitioner platform that you have full access to. We hold space in a beautiful community off of social media platforms. Here you will have full access to your course work and a community group. It feels energy rich and distraction free as a result. 

You will build a network of energy rich connections where you can collaborate and develop a sacred network of like minded peers. You're getting a full membership into our paid network which has a lot to offer to support you as you step into your new soul work. You can learn more about the WAVE Society here....

Leading life from Soul

Beverage Mug and a Laptop


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You will also receive a Soul Guide Practitioner Certification along with fully downloadable course work. This means full access to this material for years to come. 

If you are a healer, leader or coach you can add this certificate to your work, meaning you can integrate this work into your offerings. The modalities and work we do are the ones I've developed in a decades work with my clients and part of my legacy is to encourage my students to teach and utilize them in their work.

We offer an online celebration ceremony, however learn more about our special retreat option in July of every year in a 2 day retreat, additional fee's apply. 

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Group Coaching

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We hold weekly calls the first 8 weeks and then we move to 2 calls a month for the remained of your work. In these calls  we lean into many areas such as goal setting, progress, vision, and applying what we are learning. . Once you have completed your course you will continue to have access to the course and community.

You also receive a 12 month membership to WAVE Society as an extra support system as you step into this type of work in your community.

I believe we all have a leader within...

Online Socializing

Tools & Techniques

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Each month you will receive a tool kit of mindset work, spiritual practices, leadership enhancement and alignment approaches that you can add as needed to your work.

Soul Stones are my core principles of leadership.
We focus on the following keystones of leadership...
Creativity, Aliveness, Devotion, Fluidity, Sovereignty, Luminosity, Soul-Led, Boldn