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A Calling for those who feel pulled to show up and serve in a sacred way.

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Course by:

Conscious Business
Mentor, Educator
& Strategist

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  • A lifestyle of work that you find fulfilling and purposeful. 

  • Freedom to live life on your own terms and still make a nice revenue stream to sustain the goodness life has available for you.

  • A way for you to take that feeling to serve others and create something that makes impact in the world.

Have you been dreaming of a heart led conscious biz where you can be of service and make a beautiful life for yourself?

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  • Doubting yourself and your abilities?

  • Fear of being judged by peers, family, yourself?

  • Wonder if it's too late to take this kinda leap?

  • Lot's of beautiful ideas and not sure which one to put your energy into?

  • Have no idea where to begin and overwhelmed at the thought?

That fear has you stuck, how do I know? I've been there. We can overcome that fear together. You don't have to go it alone! 

Through this program we take you through a Conscious Business Framework that gives you space to grow your ideas and discover your soul gifts in a sacred space of exploration and development. 

In this 6 month journey you will leave with a completed vision and business model, along with a brand message, and techniques to hold space for others transformation. 

I teach you my techniques of energy rich meditations and mindset tools, so you have the know how to go the distance in your business.   

By the end of six months you will have created a fully realized business along with a plan of action to launch, expand or scale your dream business.


I'm Joie Kya

I created the Sacred Business Incubator for change makers like you.

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I believe that we all need a space to explore and develop our gifts which is expressed in many ways throughout our life. As a Soul Guide & Business Mentor for the past twelve years, and even my decades in corporate America, I have had many evolutions of what it means to show up in my leadership. Through my experience I have discovered that one of the most impactful elements that can help a soul-led leader rise into their greatness is to be held and supported.  And this my friend is why you are here.

 I believe we all have a leader within..It just takes another conscious leader to activate your wisdom and then the flood of knowing enters you...

I am so grateful you have discovered this raw, to the core, incubator program. The work of discovering our souls’ unique gifts and intergrading them into our life is everything I do this work for. It is my everlasting desire to help you turn your inner light on and allow it to illuminate out into the world.

Here we come together and unlock our power and integrate it into something raw and unstoppable. We show up in deep service in our communities, families, and work.

We understand the importance of our love legacy and seek to make a greater impact in the expression of our hearts' call. 

In this benchmark program you’re guided through a powerful and potent exploration to define & develop your aligned work. The mission is simple, create a space for any individual who feels a call for something greater. If you are looking to take up more space in the world through engaging communities, sharing your creative expression, being in service for a greater impact, this is a beautiful space for you to develop the gift that is rising within you.

Laptop and Stationery

Guided Self-Paced Work w/ Joie

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In our 6 month container you will have our sacred business roadmap to move through. These modules are designed so you can move through them at your own pace.

Some of our training topics are...
Love Legacy, Mindset Techniques, Radiance, Sacred Selling Systems, Landscape of Business, 2 Grow Model, Business Playbook, Becoming Magnetic, Mind the Money Approach, Healing Modalities and so much more. 

I know it takes strong sovereign leaders who have a deep understanding of their role in the world to make the greatest difference, which is why I know you are meant to be here…

Families Communicating Via Video Calls
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Live Support

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We hold 2 group calls each month, weekly drop in office hours & one private 1:1 coaching session per month. In these calls we lean into many areas such as goal setting, progress, vision, and applying what we are learning. .

And once you have completed your course you will continue to have access to the course & a private alumni chat. 

You also receive a 12 month membership to WAVE Society as an extra support system. This is a network of women in leadership that can become a community you will want to continue long after the course is completed.

I believe we all have a leader within...

Private Platform

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We have a private student platform that you have full access to. We hold space in a beautiful community off of social media platforms. Here you will have full access to your course work and a private cohort chat. It feels energy rich and distraction free as a result. 

You will build a network of energy rich connections where you can collaborate and develop a sacred network of like minded peers. 

Online Socializing

Leading life from Soul

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You'll also receive a Soul Guide Practitioner Certification along with fully downloadable course work. This means full access to this material for years to come. 

If you are a budding service provider, leader or creative you can add this certificate to your work, meaning you can integrate this work into your offerings. The modalities and work we do are the ones I've developed in decades work with my clients and part of my legacy is to encourage my students to teach and utilize them in their work if they feel called to.

We offer an online celebration ceremony.

I know this work will redefine you as a person, thought leader, writer, speaker and community builder. This work is ground breaking...its about learning your natural rhythm and aligning your gifts into a space of authentic leadership.

I will teach you my method of  holding transformative space in your business, but more importantly, I will teach you to find your unique way to working with your aligned purpose & gifts..

Oh, And a little bit more about me, your teacher

In 2007 I rediscovered my soul gifts in what I would call my re-awakening ( I was born awake, like most of us). I then spent five years trying to carve out what it all meant and finally left my corporate job in the Fall of 2011. I literally stumbled into writing my first book and ultimately opened a spiritual center. It was there that I discovered my gift to hold space for others healing, activated my true voice through facilitating guided meditations, community building and soul guidance. 

I have worked privately with many individuals teaching them to do the same. For the first time, I am brining my mastery for soul guidance to you. This is my absolute honor to show up and serve in this way in this season of life.

The SACRED BUSINESS Incubator is my complete 6 month program that will help you develop and discover your soul's work and create a business that can thrive. 

We will explore things like

  • From the heart selling and revenue building strategies.

  • How to show up and lead from the heart.

  • Holding space for others in their transformation.

  • Building community on and off of social.

  • Build an actionable plan for bringing your business to the world.

  • Discover how to brand yourself & create content

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When Does it Start?

Next Cohort Begins October 4, 2023
We open our doors two times a year...
We do this so you journey with fellow students and build
relationships with beauties like you.

How much does it cost?

I wanted to build a program that was accessible to soul-led individuals at any stage. Whether you are a beginner with a dream or a seasoned spiritual change agent who's ready to step into a new level in business and income. The total value of the course is $17960, but...

You Can Get Started Today...for only $333

(with 5 additional payments of $333),  Or for the best value + an added bonus private soul session with Joie, One payment of $1797

Best Value!

6 Monthly Payments of

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of $1797

"This space is sacred and special.
It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. The souls that are drawn to Joie's work are truly magical and amazing."




You feel a call to show up in the world in a new way, and need some guidance to see the possibilities.

You' re ready to start teaching, writing, recording, speaking your thought leadership but don't want to be a carbon copy of everything else that's out there.

Committed to your own personal growth and energetic upgrade. We come in as sovereign whole individuals in this work.

You've started to put yourself out there, but can't seem to gain any momentum yet.

Feeling overwhelmed with the tech and social media aspects of showing up.

You May Also Be...

  • Hiding parts of who you are so you're accepted.

  • Over-give which exhaust your energy as a result

  • Act on the shoulds versus deep knowing

  • Don’t see the value in what you give

  • Never feel ready to take the leap

  • Compare yourself to others

  • Unclear on how to serve and show up

  • Believe you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, talented enough…wonder if we will ever be enough!

  • Overwork yourself and burn out leaving no space for creativity and a new way to do things.

You're Not Alone


We have a wide range of emerging leaders ...

who have been shaken awake by their soul, have been pulled into their own awakening and can feel the deep longing in them to move beyond their pains, wounds, traumas and limiting patterns into a magnificent and magical life of possibilities. They know they are here for more, have gifts to unlock, want to step up into being seen and heard for their truth and are ready to take a big courageous leap into their wild unknown.

Healers & Practitioners
who are powerful in their gifts and have been working with impact with their clients, but know their work is calling them into a greater & more impactful level of business mastery and leadership.

Leaders &Entrepreneurs
in diverse industries, like sustainability, business, design, architecture, health - who know that their leadership moves beyond the current knowledge base and into way more inter-sectional, cross-discipline, soul-led bodies of work and collaborative projects. These women want to shake up the status quo, learn the arts of invoking extraordinary human potential and move to higher soul rhythms of collaboration and connection in entrepreneurship, economies, business and the earth.

Intuitive Souls
who have gifts and may have been hiding in the spiritual closet, maybe they’ve been focussed on motherhood or career but know their soul gifts are commanding their full focus and the dream of creating their own livelihood creating beautiful change in the world is now real in their hearts.

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Soul Guide Practitioner Certificate

Digital On-Demand

Bonus Trainings
& Surprises

Live Trainings
& Coaching Calls

One of a Kind
Healing Tools
Crafted by Joie Kya

During the 6 months that you have access to the Sacred Business Incubator, you’ll be supported through the 6 milestones of designing, building, launching, and selling in your business.

Visual Roadmap Infographic Brainstorm-6.png


Our 5 Foundations of Support

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How much does it cost?

Ready To Get Started Today...for only $333?

(with 5 additional payments of $333),  Or for the best value + an added bonus private soul session with Joie, One payment of $1797

Best Value!

6 Monthly Payments of

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of $1797


Tablet Screen

What if I can’t make the live trainings?

These sessions will be recorded and therefore, you can watch and listen. Live calls are two Wednesdays a month at 5pm PST 

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Will I Have 1:1 opportunities with Joie Kya?

Each student receives a 1:1  video call with Joie each month. You'll also have the opportunity for individual connection via DM and the weekly office hours.

Laptop and Stationery

What is the time commitment?

Expect to spend 8 hours a month, this includes course work and our training calls.

Our live trainings are on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 5pm PST.

Personal Desk

Is the Sacred Business program and courses all online?


Hands on Keyboard

Do you have a refund policy?

We believe and hold a sacred container for your upgrade. In this we honor your heart felt yes to this work. We do no issue refunds but will however allow a pause if you need one anytime during your journey.

White Desk

What is the cost and when do my installments begin?

The cost is $1797 or 6 payments of $333, installments will run automatically on the same date you sign up monthly.



Incubator Success Call with Joie Kya ($200 Value)

In-Depth Trainings with Joie Kya ($4,800 Value)

Weekly Drop-In Office Hour with Joie Kya ($2,400 Value)

High Touch Private Student Platform & Chat on an App ($1,200 Value)

Certificate of Completion as a SOUL GUIDE PRACTITIONER at the end of our 6 months. This includes a virtual ceremony.

Partner w/other students to practice, develop your modalities and receive feedback.  ( Priceless Value )

Full Business Roadmap of  Downloads, Worksheets, Templates, Recorded Meditations and more to support your training. ($3300)

Access to Past Incubator Trainings + Workshops  ($2,000 Value)


Bonus: Access to the WAVE Society for 12 months ($660 Value)

  • PR Opportunities ( Guest Blogging, Podcasting, Speaking & More)

  • Community of Ambitious Visionaries & Change Makers

  • Collaboration & Referral Network

Bonus: 6 Private Sessions with Joie ($1200 Value)

  • Spend 30 Minutes a Month in a Private Session with Joie

  • Get Individualized Strategies for Your Sacred Business

  • Receive Healings and Energy Work to Help you Remove Your Blocks.

Bonus: Grow Your Services Trainings ($2200 Value)

  • Healing Modalities to use with Clients

  • Universal Abundance Trainings

  • Creating Women's Circles


Get ready to step into your soul gifts and make a beautiful impact!

Have more questions?
Send us an email...

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