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My Lightning Strike Moment

I've been talking about this lightning strike moment for months so I decided to finally bring it here to share the full story. My reason for sharing it is to inspire you to keep staying open to the many possibilities life is here to offer you. Let's dive in!

today it's from the heart...

From lost to a women on a mission!

Oh, I've got a story for you!!! It wasn’t that long ago, in fact, it was the last week of July 2022. It was a hot Summer day in the northern California mountains where I live. I was enjoying the sun out on my back porch, I assumed it would be like the days before it. Another day of creating space in my mind and heart. The intention for the space was to figure out what was next for me. You see, I had spent the past 18 months repeating the same habit. Meditate, journal, listen to audiobooks and podcast, and wait…wait for the inspiration to come. Don’t get me wrong, I had many ideas, hundreds in fact, but none of them felt pure to my souls work. Does any of this feel like you? Have you ever been in a place of limbo…waiting for the clarity..the answer..the solution..the fix to appear out of thin air…

For me, It seemed like maybe my work was complete, because I was growing tired. Maybe I would just open 100 Holistic Studio’s and live off the passive income and that was it….But here’s the thing, something inside of me wouldn’t allow that. There was more, my souls work kept me in this in between. Kept me waiting until that moment on a beautiful July morning. And for those of you with a WOO side, it was the beginning of Lionsgate which is an abundance portal. If you want to know more you can listen to myLionsgate Podcast Episode Here And so, like a lightening strike, everything lit up! You know the kind of light bulb moment, its like your standing in the middle of a field under a dark moon and all of a sudden lightening strikes the ground nearby. When it hits the whole sky and land light up and you can see for miles all around you. The landscape that was once a mystery is clear and you know exactly where you are and where you are going…

When I reflect back to the past decade, I can fully see how I had been moving towards this new evolution of me. The one word answer I received on that day, COMMUNITY, and with that I could see it all. Leaders , CEO's and women in business coming together to support each other, to rise and break through glass ceilings together. And on that day, I created what would become the WAVE Society, and eventually my mentorship work started to level up too, like the Sacred Business Incubator & the Impact & Legacy Mastermind.

I share this story, because we all have seasons in life where the future is completely a mystery. We also have light bulb moments or what I like to call Lightening Strikes. When was the last time you were in the energy of either of these? Both of them are scary and both of them call us to be heart led and to trust ourselves. I believe I had such a long gap of not knowing, so I could remember how uncomfortable it can be. I believe that fateful day was a call for many to collaborate, create community and create sustainable businesses that serve us all.

I invite you to explore the WAVE Society, see if a space like this calls to you at this season of your leadership and business journey. You can get the details here


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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