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Reimagine Your Life In 2024

Welcome to 2024 my friends! Happy New Year!

 I want to talk about my theme for 2024, what I believe to be an important topic, about reimagining your life. Back in September, this theme of reimagine started to come forth, and as I sat with it, I was feeling a lot of turmoil.

I started to do inventory of what I already have and what my blessings were.  I also started to look at what I was tolerating. I also noticed what I was most afraid of. This brought some thought-provoking insights. I share these insights in detail in my latest’s podcast episode.  LISTEN HERE


Ultimately, we live the life that we accept. Meaning, we live the life that we tolerate. Back in September of 2023 I had this call within to reimagine my life. What I didn't realize is it would take me months to really lean in to this energy and start to rediscover myself. To discover what it means to live full out, to have aliveness. To be my full self.


I began to understand that the resistance of finding joy can be addictive. In other words, we become addicted to the problems and the challenges sometimes in our life. I had to look back and ask myself when this happened to me?  I'm going to share a little bit as to how I got here. I met someone in 2021 and quickly fell head over heels with him.  We had a great time together and we had a lot in common and there was a lot of yeses in our relationship. In 2023 however, things began to change. And so, I spent 2023 in a breakdown and then ultimately a breakup within the relationship.


2023, was about tolerance and I had to get to a point in the relationship where I had to be honest about what I would and would not tolerate any longer. As a result, it ended the relationship. It was painful, it was hard, but I had to speak my truth. So that was the beginning of me really learning what it means to reimagine my life. I start asking myself. What am I tolerating? If I don't say no to specific experiences and people that lower my vibration, then I will not have the energy to call in what I truly want.  This is why I'm here having this conversation, to hopefully bring attention to maybe what you've been tolerating and help you begin to reimagine your life.


It's also looking at the shadows and getting honest with them because those shadows become anchors. They stop you from moving forward. I came across a Ted talk and I came across this Ted talk about. zero tolerance.  Something that the speaker said struck me. She said, “What you tolerate, you worry about.” What you tolerate, you worry about. And worry is the true energy vampire when we really think about it, wouldn't you say? If you consider yourself a worrier, then this probably hits home for you. But let's say you don't consider yourself a worrier, right?


I'm going to break it down a little bit because the thing that is nagging you that To Do List. Anything that's clogging your thoughts right now, anything that you feel guilty about. Anything not positive is stealing your Peace of Mind. And it is what you are tolerating. You know those moments when you want to say no, but you say yes? You're tolerating, you're saying, OK, yeah, I'll do it, even though I really don't want to. Now you're in that stage of tolerating, which ultimately comes to worry eventually.


You worry about it. It's on your mind. You might have regret; you might have frustration. You may have all kinds of experiences around that worry, but you're allowing your brain to go to it.

In a past podcast episode, I talk about this, and the topic was why we say yes when we should say no. LISTEN HERE


Why do we say yes? Like what is that root reason? The speaker for the Ted talk, her name was Isabel Mercer. And she goes on to say that these kinds of yeses, those things that you tolerate, will eventually drive you to worry. And then she goes on to share some important data. I'm going to just paraphrase quick what she shared. Here's the crazy percentages. They had some, data that they did around worry. And she goes on to say that:


40% of what we worry about will never happen.

30% of what we worry about has already happened.

12% are needless worries about our health.

10% is just that petty, miscellaneous stuff like that To Do List the bills you have to pay.

8% is legit worries like things you should be worried about.  


Out of all the things you're worried about, only 8% of them are legit worries they should probably take action on. 92% is complete nonsense. That means 92% potential to shift and start to reimagine your life.


What if we repurposed that 92% and began to reimagine our life? What if we truly began to create, dream, and align our desires and to actual, tangible magic? Like, what if? And what are you willing to accept into your reality this year? What kind of life do you imagine for yourself?  I want to just go back to four months ago when I asked myself, what do I want to reimagine?


I was really feeling this call for a reimagined life. I was so overwhelmed with what I had been tolerating in my life, that everything I felt in my life, it felt like it was all spinning around me. It felt chaotic. It felt like too many paths, too many directions. I didn't know what I really wanted. So, I had to jump off the carousel and ground myself again. I had to start to detox my life. And I had to detox from people and relationships, really look at my business, my finances, my circle of friends, my family and even my home. Because it was all being affected. What was I tolerating? And what was stealing my joy?


These were questions I started to ask myself. What's so beautiful is during that same season I started a beautiful group called Magnolia, which is a sisterhood for the heart. And I created Magnolia secretly. By invitation only, I brought some women together and we've been spending time together every single week virtually. We have a chat app, we have a weekly call where we enjoy an open circle kind of experience, but we're growing together. We're sinking into our potential together. And we're holding a space for each other as we're evolving and growing. And we're stepping in to 2024 with an emotional, mental, physical detox of sorts, a reimagining of self. And we're doing this together. And so, I do want to let you know that you are invited. As a reader of this blog, you are invited to join Magnolia. HERES THE LINK! Go there and you can register and start for as low as $111 a month to join us and be in a space that is holding you, supporting you making those deeper connections.


How do we get from the worry and the things we tolerate? To living our life full out. How do we get there? There's a there's kind of like a four-step process and I've been just kind of sitting with what this means to me and how I want to articulate it in my own life. And you know, although the video, the Ted Talk was great, I also felt like, OK, but what does this really mean to me? And let me apply it to myself and how I walk through life, because I feel like, I have my own take on it. I realized we must own it. We must look at it and go, Yep, there it is. I see it. And we must identify that it's there. And then we must begin to release it. And then lastly, reimagine our life.


We must look at our habits and our rituals. We must look at forgiving ourselves for allowing some of those things to be in our life. We must learn to love ourselves again, even though we make mistakes. And we need to rebuild trust with ourselves. That's a lot of work. I think we must ask what do I want? What do I wholeheartedly want? And I've been asking myself, why have I been stopping myself? Why do I feel Iike I only can get so far and then for whatever reason all I want to do is sabotage and bring myself back down?


Sometimes I think it's the people around me that creates that. Sometimes I believe it's all just within me. And our greater invitation. Is to start looking at the energy leaks and start to shift and change. To begin to allow ourselves to find happiness. To find fulfillment. To really, truly be in that state of optimal joy.


And so, my friends, I want to say Happy New Year to you. Happy New beginning. Happy reimagining. Happy reinventing. Because you deserve to live full out. You deserve to live the life that feels aligned and brilliant and magical. You deserve.

you are invited to join Magnolia. HERES THE LINK! 

Until Next Time...May your world be blessed!

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