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Stay In Your Wild- Part 3 of the Wild Series

In the past few weeks on the podcast, we have been talking about what it means to be WILD. We have been playing with the name of this show and sinking into our own wild at the same time. In part 3 I want to bring the invitation to stay in your wild. Let’s talk about it.

Last week we talked about remembering your wild and in that conversation, we talked about our inner child and how part of her wants to play and the other part wants to play it safe. Today, we are going to continue that conversation, but from a new point of view and then we are giving you a beautiful invitation to show up bigger and bolder in your life. Let’s dive in

Focused on the Future Trip Up

When you see the future vision of your life clearly it can cause us to disconnect from our present life. When we do this, it can be a form of escapism. This means that we miss the magic in our life and if you continue to do this it becomes a habit. And that habit can evolve to you being out of reality and although it’s a coping mechanism it can become a toxic trait in our life.

How do we move through this snag?

We ask, who are we today? How do you see your wild peeking through the cracks? How can you honor those parts of you and give them space and recognition? This is key because what you bring your attention to your reality and from there you can shift your life in so many ways. We talk more about what that looks like in both part one and two, so I won’t go into deep detail. But this is key

The other piece is pulling the wisdom from the past. Who were you before?

When we see how far we have come, we can see the beauty of who we are now. Let’s say you are not too thrilled with your current situation, this can feel problematic, but are learning right now. This will make more sense in the future version of you. Set it down, let it be what it is. Try not to fixate on every misstep and challenge. Honor the fact that you are mighty and brave enough to take this on. Sometimes we are so focused on making mistakes and being the victim that we literally take away our own magic as punishment. Yeah, you can be that cruel to yourself. Stop it! Take accountability and stand-up queen. Remember who you really are

Now, look at how far you have come. Notice the magic that took place to get here. Notice how your wild started to shine through as you started to manifest and create and call more magic and miracles to you. Remember this piece of what you are capable of.

Define Your Current Wild

Now you get to define your current definition of WILD. Remember that being wind is about living our truth and seeing our own light in the process. We have many aspects of this, and I will refer to the Soul Stones of Leadership to remind us of the many pieces of your wild.

Be Devoted: Commit to your growth.

Be Creative: Use self-expression to tap into your sacredness

Be Fluid: Let go and trust that life is working for you

Be Sovereign: Wear your crown unapologetically

Be the Light: Radiate and illuminate your world

Be Soul-Led: Trust yourself

Be Bold: Activate your inner maverick

Be Curious: Let go of judgment and expectations

Be Raw: Vulnerable and real is the only way to be.

Be Receptive: Open the day to magic and miracles

Be Resonant: Embrace all the good in the world

Be Alive: Live full out! It’s your birthright friend.

Relearn to Believe

Do you remember the movie Polar Express? It’s about a boy that takes a train to visit the North Pole and meet Santa. He is given a bell that at first, he cannot hear its ring. But eventually he does hear it, when he begins to believe that the magic of Santa is real. This story teaches us something important. The belief in the unexplainable, the unknown.

As humans we tend to lean in on only trusting what we know and see. This can be a trap at times. The potential that is consistently dancing and moving around us in never-ending.

We can begin to look at this closely and by doing so we can start to craft and manifest a life that we absolutely love today! Now! I mean exactly in this moment! Without having to justify or approve our Wild!

In Conclusion

Dear Wild Soul, you are real. You are breathing at this moment and that means you are divine.

My invitation to you is to get out of the comfort of normalization. Start to get uncomfortable. DO something that makes you nervous each day. Do things that pull you out of your comfort zone...

I invite you to listen to the full conversation on the podcast here...I am sending you all the magic my friend...Remember to catch it and step into your wild!


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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