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Make Space for Your Future You- Part One

Many years ago, I started the practice of completing a physical detox twice a year and I'm currently in a detox right now. I started this practice 15 years ago now. I've been doing this, but the first time I did it, I noticed a natural awareness of the rest of my life beyond just my physical health. I'm not recommending that everyone completes a gut detox, although I must say it's a game changer.

Releasing and letting go of the things that are slowing and even stopping us from living our very own version of awesome. So let's talk about the process and where we can begin. Now, my invitation to you is to do a 28 day detox now. I have been working with my clients for years around this. You know, just really challenging them and inviting them to do a 21 day mind detox. And oftentimes the mind detox takes place the beginning of the new Year. It's such a great opportunity.

The invitation is to start to peel back the many layers of distraction, destruction, and toxicity? Then we are going to want to give ourselves some time and space, so it is going to take us a whole month. Just think, by the next cycle of the moon where your life can be?

I know, I know. How do we do this? And I will say this before we dive in. A lot of what I am pulling through today is touched on in my book 28 days (about 4 weeks) to a new you and I will put the link in the show notes if it is something you want to pick up. It's I have walked many people through this process, and it is something that you can go alone too. So, let us dive in.

Let's start with the mind, because it really just begins with the mind.

I want you to think about a a chain and each link in the chain is your life. They're all connected. At no point do they disconnect from each other. So here is the mind detox invitation. I think you're going to like this:

  1. Detox from technology- make room for other discoveries

  1. Shhh the inner critic and judge- Re direct your mindset

  1. Be gossip free- clear the air

The mind detox is there for your invitation. It is about paying attention. And one of the things I like to do during that time is I recommend working with a journal and writing down your thoughts, even if it is just a notebook, anything that you can just share your thoughts. I also love the memo notes on my iphone. the idea is you want a reflection tool of some kind, so you're checking in with self and feeling into things.

Second, let’s Talk Emotion Regulation

as your mind begins to detox as you create mental space, that link in the chain, my friend, you're going to feel the connection to your emotional state. You're going to have a varying degree of ups and downs, like a roller coaster emotional experience, because as your mind begins to detox, now you're going to start to feel your feels. It’s the opportunity for us to lean in and begin to expand and really fall in love with our life. That is such a beautiful experience. We are going to really start to recognize our emotional state, and we're going to regulate it.

Here is my acronym to help you move through emotions that arise.


Realize we realize something is not right. Again, this is all about emotional regularity.

Ask, we ask the questions : Is this how I want to feel? What is the lie?

W, We write a new script

Raw, this will help with your emotional regulation. Super simple and it's a tool that we can use as we are moving through the mind and emotional reworking of ourselves.

The next invitation is for you to begin to rewire the physical body.

Notice discomfort, pain, tiredness. Where do I struggle? In my physical body the most and begin to 1 by 1 address what we feel. I recommend doing a cleanse, drinking lots and lots of water, juicing smoothies, healthy nutritious soups. We all have a different diet. We all have things that feel good to us. Do the thing that feels good to your body. Feed your body energy rich Foods and lots of hydration during this time because you're going to be detoxing the toxins. Not only that, are, you know, in the muscles and the tissues of your body, but also what is emotionally in you. Once we are feeling energy rich within our Health we start to move through life in new ways. We began to rebuild. We began to refine our life and we began to redesign our life.

I want to invite you to focus on your body and yourself for an entire week, even two weeks of the 28 days. So for half of this process, you could just be in mind and emotion and physical body would come in at the second half. It’s truly up to you and what feels good. I have done it all kinds of ways. My current approach is to do all three from day one.


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