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5 Ways to Tap into 8/8 Lionsgate

I’m thrilled to share with you my flow for calling in high vibe abundance and blessings for Lionsgate. I love this time each year when I take time to reflect and feel gratitude for my life and business. Even if you have no idea what Lionsgate is, I want you to read on and listen to the podcast to get an expanded version of it as well. Episode Link for Itunes

Let’s begin by giving a brief explanation as to what Lionsgate is. It’s an alignment that takes place each year on August 8th and it’s the combination of the Sun being in Leo which is its home sign, the star Sirius which is the brightest star in our night sky, and the earth all come into a perfect line..this is said to open a portal of manifestation. This gateway creates a power surge which multiplies the law of attraction tenfold. I have always felt that Lionsgate’s energy is held for the full month of August, but it is said to be the strongest from August 8th to the 12th.

During 8/8 we are giving the invitation to reflect and envision what we want for ourselves. Here are the 5 practices I use during Lionsgate. You can use all or even just one will bring your consciousness to this sacred time to amplify your experience. You can Listen to this podcast on Spotify as well!

Here is the SPOTIFY LINK!

1. Visioning, taking time to be receptive and open to flashes of inspiration. Tap into your intuition and inner knowing. Take some time to see where your actions are leading you. Is this what you want? Maybe it is, may not..take time to gain some clarity on your direction in life and business.

2. Journal, tap into how your life is different from a year ago, or a month ago. As you reflect get grateful for the magic and miracles that have met you on your journey. Then write out what your vision is for the future.

3. Be a Witness, See the synchronicities that are occurring, recognize the downloads that are coming to you through yourself and others for you. Allow bolts of inspiration to flow and let the creative energy of this time be expressed. You may find you are more impulsive by nature which can be uncomfortable for you planners out there. But trust me, if you are ever going to be spontaneous this is the energy to be just that. JOIN ME LIVE FOR A FREE LIONSGATE ACTIVATION 8/8/22 at 8 AM PST...CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP!

4. Ask for What You Want, the Law of Attraction is activated ten-fold so play with it. Take time to ask for what you want to release and want you are calling in at this time in your life. In the podcast episode I share a ritual I do for each Lionsgate. Listen here on Google Podcast

5. Healing Work, take time to heal and connect to the energies at play, if you can see your healer on this day or the days that follow. Work on releasing blocks and opening your ability to receive. I have a few spots for this day set aside. Click this link to send me an email to request your session!

Email Joie to set up your Healing Session.

There is no right or wrong way to honor this manifestation gateway, however, being aware amplifies your experience. This makes me glad to know that you are one of those that will be each year we are blessed with Lionsgate.

Let’s upgrade together..If you are able to join be August 8th, 2022 at 8:08 am PST I would love to share this day with you. I am offering a FREE Lionsgate activation and meditation to honor the day. Go to this link and register even if you can’t make it for the live event, I will send you the replay to listen to later.

Many Blessings to You and All of Those You Love,



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