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Awakening to Your Own Magic

I’m turning 50 this year, and I was thinking about the different gifts I bring to my life and those around me. I began to look beyond my point of view and started to pull back the layers of what I bring to the world. What I discovered is that I have been hiding my raw unfiltered magic.

It’s not like I planned or even tried to hide it consciously, but non the less, I’ve hidden it in different ways throughout the years. This year I’ve began to offer a program in my business that walks a budding entrepreneur through the process of discovering their gifts and transmuting them into a brand and business that serves them deeply.

The call to create a container in this way, has given me the opportunity to create a process for the student to walk through. I met this invitation with zeal and excitement. I knew from the first day that this was going to elevate me to the next level. And it has.

It has also created an opportunity for me to look at my business and message with new eyes. I began to ask myself, what truly serves me and allows for my magic to shine? What makes me happy? As I’ve sat within this wonder, I began to vision, dream and set form to the future I’m creating. I’m a natural visionary, so it’s where I’m comfortable, but this time I decided to look at my light. Who is Joie? How do I become unfiltered, raw, bold and braver than ever before?

I discovered some powerful truths about me and I wanted to share them with you. I began with questions you can ask yourself today and begin to discover the magical essence that lives within you. And then I did one of the bravest things anyone can do. I don’t want to make you wait any longer so let’s dive in.

How to Awaken Your Magic:

These are the questions I asked and answered.

  1. What do I believe is the purpose of my life?

  2. What impact have I made thus far?

  3. What love legacy do I want to leave?

  4. Who do I need to become to get there?

  5. How am I blocking my own light?

  6. What magic inside of me is ready to break free and be seen?

This is what I discovered….

  1. What do I believe is the purpose of my life? I believe my purpose is to empower others and in doing so empower my own soul gifts.

  2. What impact have I made thus far? I have built communities, been a role model to my children and clients, I have proven that being a single mom entrepreneur is a unicorn that has a place in this world.

  3. What love legacy do I want to leave? I want my love legacy to be the example I set, that our dreams are meant to be expressed and that what we desire is waiting to meet us and that we have all the magic and wisdom within to get us there.

  4. Who do I need to become to get there? I must become a CSO of my life and business. It’s time to grow beyond anything I’ve created thus far. Stop hiding behind distractions that never move the needle. Be the woman that inspires others and shows them it all can be achieved.

  5. How am I blocking my own light?I’ve allowed myself to slow when success is at my finger tips, the lies of not being ready have held me frozen. I am ready now!

  6. What magic inside of me is ready to break free and be seen? I’m ready to lead leaders and change makers of the world. I am successful. I am free to grow my company to new heights. I am ready to hire and develop a team that can serve others at the highest level too.

Ask yourself the questions above, what will you discover?

The last thing that is awakening my magic as I write this was feedback I received from a peer. Her words pierced through all of the justifications I had been telling myself. The beliefs that were helping me to stay right where I was. Her words were your message is all over the place. I can’t partner with you unless I know exactly what your message is.

Shit, I listened and let it sink in. She’s right I thought. I thanked her for her feedback and went for a run. It needed to transmute this feedback in my head and heart. This pivotal moment, made a huge impact in how I behave in my business today. I’m always asking is this project, program or action aligned to my mission and work? If the answer is no, I then must makes a series of decisions that will either lead to me making it work within my mission or just let it go.

The miracle in this whole experience is that it translated to my magic. I now have room for my unfiltered light and magic. So this is how I proceed forward with my company and my life into my 50th year of being on the planet. How will you step into your future?

Until Next Time, Much Love

XO Joie Kya

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