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How to know when it’s time to pivot in your business with Denise Schaad

WildSoul Academy Podcast



I had the honor of sitting down with one of my business besties Denise Schaad for an episode of the WildSoul Academy Podcast.

Whenever Denise and I get together and discuss business and how to stay aligned to our truth & sacred selves as CEO’s of Soul Led brands so many ahaa’s and gems are spoken between us. After one of our chats a couple of months back I knew I had to invite her to be on the show.

This year both Denise and I have found ourselves in a growth cycle in our businesses. Not only growth, but also the call to let go of some things that no longer align for us and begin some new projects too. We talk about it in great detail in episode 103 here.

So How Do We Know When It’s Time To Pivot?

We Can Feel It
A lot of times we can feel something isn’t working. We often just want to ignore that feeling because we are moving so fast to reach that deadline or goal. Whether you’re meditating, on a walk, in nature exploring or another modality that connects you to your inner knowing. You can feel the change calling you when you turn down the noise and slow your pace to feel into the direction of where your business is going. And your life for that matter. Because let's be real, we are in business to create our best life.

We Can See It

You can look at your metrics and numbers and it will tell you when something isn’t aligned. Return on your invest of time and energy is key. Otherwise you’re not in business, you’re in service which is fine as long as you know the difference.

Often sacred business owners have left a corporate job that left them feeling empty emotionally. There’s a reason we go out on our own to help others. However, because we are so focused on doing good in the world the financial piece can become an after thought. This can put our businesses in critical situations when gone unchecked. Therefore, it is key to pay attention and get clear on the ROI of the different areas you are putting your energy. This includes social media, content creation and more

We Can Hear It

Our clients are telling us what kind of impact we are making in their lives. I know for me that is a true indicator of the need to pivot. I was a Spiritual Counselor and Coach for years prior to pivoting to a Sacred Business Coach. Almost 90% of my clients started businesses, wrote books, quit their jobs to fulfill their hearts desire etc… It took me almost three years to finally embrace the pivot that had been calling me. It’s scary and yet now I can tell you that the pivot is so important in any business. Denise share's her experience knowing the pivot was calling too, in our talk on the podcast.

It's so wonderful when we can connect with others and realize we aren't alone. Our business besties are such a gift.

How Do We Know The Difference Between A Divine Nudge And Comparison?

Have you ever been on IG scrolling and you see a woman in business doing her thing and you think “ wow she is killing it, I can do that”. Then you think, should I?
The reality is we don’t always know what to do next and if we are following our ego or our true north inner knowing. I loved Denise’s response to this challenge, she shared with us on the podcast. If you’re asking yourself this on a regular basis that when you see the lady on IG you understand that it is a reflection for you to see for some reason. If you’ve been asking questions like is this phase complete? Or, what’s next? That's when the inner knowing shows up crystal clear and it’s our role to ask how does that women’s business tie into what is my alignment. It may not even be her business, it could be her confidence you are invited to embrace for yourself.

The world of sacred business is full of so many options and in the end it ultimately is your sacred design calling you to manifest it. Your gifts are in you and the fun is in asking the right questions to allow for the inspiration to call to you.

This episode is so full of beautiful golden threads of truth and I encourage to listen to the entire conversation. You can Listen Here!

Share your biggest takeaways and successes from this conversation on Instagram by tagging me @joiekya….

xoxo, Joie Kya


Denise Schaad is a successful Self Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Mentor, and heart leader who spent the last two decades rediscovering what it means to fully embody Spirit. She created the powerful "Your Energy Awakening System" to guide leaders and entrepreneurs towards embodying their next level of Spiritual Currency. With insightful wisdom, Denise helps people release emotional energies that impact their ability to fully embody their spiritual power. A self-published author and painter, Denise thrives on guiding leaders through a year-long mentorship program to align them with their true selves. When not mentoring or creating, Denise can be found touring foreign countries on motorcycles or dirt bike riding with her ten grandchildren.

Denise Schaad

Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Best Selling Author, Artist, and Speaker


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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