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The 5 Identities that we all share

Alright friends, let’s dive into the many facets of you. Like the real, raw unfiltered version and then the one keeping that hope floating. I must say that these 5 part of me have served me greatly and they are serving you to. So let’s dive in shall we….

Here are the 5 sides of YOU that I want to know…

Like really! I do want to know all the parts and here’s why. I like that we all hold fear, love, outrageousness and whatever else you have inside. We learn to adapt and express ourselves each day. This is what makes you special, so I figured it would be fun to peel back the metaphoric layers of self. Let’s see if you agree with my take on these core 5 parts. Although, I do think there are more, but these are a great start...

  1. Positive Happy You. You know that part of you that believes the glass is half full. That things will work out for the best etc. I love this part of self because she helps me take risks and believe in something bigger. She takes the challenges and spins them into gold. I believe this is the key facet of self that delivers us success…Believe and achieve, keep on trying and never give up are her motto's!

  2. Naysayer You. We all have that side of self that stubs her toes and screams “What a F***ed Day” It’s okay, it happens to us all. Those days when the shit just won't stop. We want to curl in a ball and call it a day at 10am. We are not meant to have everything perfect and positive. We are meant to show up and overcome. That NAYSAYER helps us see our shadow self and when we realize what’s going on inside, we get to peel back the onion and level up. Without sadness, frustration, stress etc we would never fully express our emotions. I say embrace the naysayer, often once you love her she melts into a puddle of forgiveness and letting go. It’s a win win for sure.

  3. Self Conscious You. Over thinker, questioning everything…ugh! This is so uncomfortable and yet we all have this version of self within, don’t we? Let me paint the scene, you are invited to a networking event and you arrive to find that the person who invited you isn’t going to make it. You sit in your car in the parking lot of the venue battling with yourself. You know on one side, you could just go home and sit this one out. Or you could go in and who knows you could meet that new business bestie that could open doors for you in your business. But first, you gotta get out of your head and out of your car….Have you ever felt this way? I know that I have, like truly uncomfortable and you know what? It just doesn’t seem to get easier. It seems this part of us is here to help us grow our strength and trust muscles. Guess we will see if we ever grow out of this little tricky part of us.

  1. Maverick Rebel You. You are a rockstar and you have shit to do! This may be my favorite side, because she has helped me do things that I never thought were possible. In fact, she makes me giggle with delight. Not because she is a bad ass, which she is, but because she get’s me into some sticky situations and at the same time they bring me joy and bliss. How about you? Your inner maverick has helped you get that promotion, onto that team etc…It’s a side of us that we can all agree challenges us in some wild ways. But we live a fuller life because of it.

  2. True Sacred You. We must make room now for the real and raw you. This side of you is what a lot of my work for the past decade has been about. Helping my clients find their true authentic voice, the voice that is only found in our hearts. It’s the soulful version of you, the one that knows she is on a mission even though we don’t always understand it. I personally have learned to lean in and trust this side of me the most. At the end of the day, I want all of us to trust her a bit more…This side of self is sacred and special and although we use her to live our truth in the world we also hold her close. Not everyone gets to feel and see this part of us. It’s only the closest and dearest to us that experience our true essence.

You are unique and these part of you are the right fit for your life path. This is why I stated at the beginning of this conversation that I want to know all of these parts of you. They are important and bring a special something to the world.

I believe it’s beautiful to have raw authentic people in your life so you can unleash all of it. In our WAVE Society we invite your realness and all of these parts. If you are looking for a wild bunch of unapologetic ambitious leaders with big vision and energy that is unstoppable we are that. Check us out here!

Thanks for spending a little time with me here, its always my honor to show up and share all the parts of me.


Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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