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Create Your Own Joy+Freedom Strategy- Here's Why

In this article we talk strategy and focus on our joy and freedom. Let's get clear... if you are focused on the pursuit of joy and freedom you're missing the mark. We find both in this moment and I'm sharing my 4 key strategies to help you start embracing joy and freedom today. Let's dive in!

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We get so focused on where we're going. And what has to happen today in our life, personally, professionally, that the To Do List never ends. And even if you're doing something today that excites you and lights you. Up it may not be the thing that truly aligns with your joy and your fulfillment.

Why do you think we are always pursuing and striving for Joy & Freedom? We fall into this trap because, we are looking at our idea of an ideal life. See we have an ideal of what joy and fulfillment looks like, what freedom and success looks like. We have a vision of it and it is an ideal vision of what that could potentially look like. We then set our goals and take strategic actions to move towards that joy and freedom that we see. But oftentimes we accomplish only a small amount of what we believe the ideal needs to be, but you see, we don't look at it as an ideal. We look at it as that's where I need to be, and until I'm there, I'm not going to allow myself to feel the freedom and joy in my life, and we don't even do this consciously, so I want you to ask yourself. A year ago, where were you in your life? What was happening? And then where are you today and what have you accomplished? In that year's time I guarantee a lot has changed and you even see yourself and the world differently.

Mentally touch on that just a bit, and then as you look at, OK, this is how far I've come and this is what I've accomplished. Where did you think you were going to be? What was that ideal in your mind, a year? Did you did you achieve that? Did you go above and beyond it? Because that does happen, but unfortunately, often times we fall short of it and therefore we don't notice our wins. We do not. These important elements of our life, these important milestones. That we achieve. And that is no way to live. And so today I wanted to talk about it and I have a I have 4 reasons you know for us to look at this with and how we can overcome this way of thinking. Are you ready to dive in? Cause I know. I am. Let's do it.

The Fill Your Cup Method

We're going to touch on something really important here. We talk about this in corporate America, in our personal lives. We know that we cannot give from an empty cup, right, but what oftentimes I see leaders doing. Amazing, beautiful souls doing and I have been guilty of doing this as well is filling my cup. It's finally full to the brand. It's feeling really good and energized and I immediately want to now share my energy with everybody and I will give up my resources. And my energy of my time, you know, all of these things. Until my cup only has a few drops left in it, I hit that burnout and then I have to reset, right? Does this sound familiar?

Let's look at the full cup method a little bit differently. I want you to imagine that your cup is a teacup and underneath that teacup is a saucer. And I now want you to continue. To fill that cup. Which means you're taking care of you. You're making yourself a priority. You are nurturing yourself. Whatever that looks like. Mind, body and spirit. What you nurture yourself until your cup runs over and spills on to the saucer, and only then may you give from the saucer, not from the cup but from the saucer. Oh, Joy, how do I do this? It's called healthy boundaries with yourself. It's called making a vow to you. Because what we find time and time again in business and in our personal lives is that when we come from a place of feeling full and rested and replenished, we get so much more done and wherever we direct our energy. We create powerful, potent shifts. And changes so we actually can create more of an impact with less energy when we're coming from a place of giving from the saucer, not from the full cup. So we are going to have an overflowing full cup and we're going to give from what? Is the overflow versus from our fullness, and I hope that. You can start to see how this would equate to you creating joy and freedom in your life.

Celebration Creates Liberation

Many gifted coaches, consultants, moms and other space holders never see their true worth. They don't believe that they deserve that energy exchange for their work. Work. It's consciously, they might say yes. Thank you and go to the bank and cash that Big Ten $10,000 check. But they may also at the same time in the background of the mind which is running all of the time they're thinking, I really don't deserve this. I totally cheated them. And what will end up happening is because they're so in their head, they just move on to the next thing to prove themselves. To prove themselves. And that makes me so sad because they never allow true celebration.

Some of the most gifted and intelligent individuals I know will downplay their brilliance. And we want to shift that concept to create joy and fulfillment and that is whenever you're in a space of creating of, you know, being in a project or you know you're you're working on a specific goal when you reach that goal and even the in between mile markers on the way to the goal we want to be celebrating. Seeing our wins is key and the way I like to do this is by documenting my wins. I do this simply through quarterly and monthly sessions where I call myself the chief sole officer because I'm working with me and I'm making sure that I'm cherishing and enjoying what I have been working on. Instead of justice working on what's next, I focus on what I've accomplished, and that allows room for celebration.

Your Deserve It

Nothing makes me sadder or more frustrated than. Not allowing myself or watching another. Just never slow down and savor life. We must slow down. We must take in the day. You deserve it. Today, this day that you're listening to this episode, this is the only today there will ever be. This is it. What are you going to do with today? There are many who do not get the option to be in today and to take life and create. Something amazing and magical. I believe that when we know we deserve freedom and joy, we act from that place. Therefore, we are creating that in our life day in, day out. A lot of. That for me. Is showing up in a positive way. I'm not perfect, I have bad days. We all have bad days, but I do my best to show up in a positive way. And allow that to be in the lead because I deserve to have a smile on my face. I deserve to feel alive. And appreciate and enjoy. My month, my year, my week, my day and my moments. You deserve it. You were not put on this earth to be a servant and to be self sacrificing. I promise you are here. To do work, yes. To make an impact and a difference. Yes, you have a calling on your heart that I. Know you're you're. Following at this. Season of your life. I just know you are. And if you're not yet, you're about to. That's why you're here. That's why you're listening. I want you to find ways. To enjoy life because my friend, it is part of. The way we exist, it is the gift of life and you get to play with it and discover what it. Means to you.

Your Loved One's Need You To Have It

When we allow joy and freedom in our life, we allow ourselves more room and more space for those that we love. You may think that might be part of my problem. I'm always making room for everybody else and not enough for me. But if you make room for you, for joy and freedom in your life. First, the overflow, just like the cup method, the overflow will pour in to those that you love. And here's a simple strategy for you. I think what's really important is when you're planning your year, when you're planning your month, your quarter, even your week. Make sure you carve out those special moments that you're going to spend with those that you love. And when you have a spare moment for me, sometimes that's when I'm driving. Know I'll hit that. That button that says my best friend's name and hit the call button and connect with her and chat and laugh and have a giggle fest as I'm driving for for an hour and that's an hour I could have spent listening to an audio book listening to my favorite podcast being in my own thought. But it's really important to not forget are why the people we do this for the people we. Show up for in life. So I carve out time every week, and I also challenge myself to spontaneously reach out. To two people a week. People who are on my heart, people who are on my mind. And it might be. One of my it might be a close friend or it might be someone that's more of an acquaintance. But I just. Reach out and I say hello and we connect and we share and we discuss and it's a beautiful thing and. I'm giving you that as your 4th. Because we want to have these deeper relationships. That's why we're here. We're here to learn and grow from each other. So don't get so caught up in your own weeds that you forget. The most important people in your life. Be sure to connect with them.

Take time to carve out. The moments that will bring you that joy and freedom. Freedom is not at the finish line or the success line, my friend. It is now, so go out there and create it. Thank you for reading

I am always so grateful that you tune in and until next time have a beautiful blessed day.


Joie Kya

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