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We are early into 2022 and already I have seen first-hand how manifestation will play a key role in our journey to self-mastery. If you have come across this article at a different time no need to stop here. Because this conversation is valid and essential for today and the future, so let’s dive in.

We are going to talk about five actions to take in order to manifest anything you want. I’m not brining you anything that you haven’t heard before, however, it’s likely that you haven’t brought this knowledge together in this kind of flow. Each of these steps need to live within your life every day in order to truly see magic happen in the area of creating your optimal life.

Drum Roll Please!!!


It’s important for you to manifest in a clear and free of distraction space. In order to do this, we want to remove the messy stuff. We do this emotionally by cleaning up our relationships. Mentally, by working on those self-sabotaging gremlins in our thoughts. Physically, by fueling our bodies with positivity. Environmentally by cleaning up our homes, cars, name it.. it’s about making room for the things you want to call in. If there is no room to accept more how can we expect to call it in with ease. In my course Unbound Soul, we work on doing this, it is a power experience to do this work in community and with the support of coaches. To learn more..Click Here!


If we ask for what we want it’s a great beginning. To be able to verbalize it and visualize it is so empowering. One of my favorite ways to dial in what I want is to try it on for size. Let’s say you want to manifest a hot tub (which is something I’ve been considering personally) and as your thinking of bringing it into your life you begin to do research online, you go to the store and look at the different models. And watch it begin to grow within you as a deep desire or maybe it’s just a take or leave it emotion you feel. Does it mean you won’t manifest it if you feel so so about it? No, in fact, somethings will come to you with ease while others will feel like there is a delay. My advice here, is to focus on the things that you deeply desire. Write them down each day get very specific and detailed with what you want.


This is a doozie! Here is the reality of this action, we all have things that are highly positive in our lives. We are also surrounded by the not so great energy. We are not looking for perfect. Do your part by surrounding yourself with uplifting positive people. Listen to high vibe podcast, books and music. Take care of yourself and nurture your confidence and wellbeing.


As a creative I really resonate with number four on our list. It’s key to my mood and inner compass to allow for inspiration to be a navigation tool in my life. I love using meditation to help me achieve this and highly recommend journaling, brainstorming, and audio note taking as tools to capture your inspirations during your meditation time and throughout the day when that ahaa moment strikes. When we are actively engaged with the first three steps, then inspired action comes and our job is to be familiar with what it feels like. Get acquainted with this feeling and honor it by listening and acting on those sparks and lightbulb thoughts and desires. Meet the universe as it guides you to manifest all that you dream into reality. Remember we must do our work to receive and call magic and vision into our lives.


Now that you have the first four actions number five is simple but often missed. We must allow ourselves the space and awareness to receive what are request is. Pay attention, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone say no thank you by mistake because they didn’t know how to accept a blessing. I have found that I must be very consciously aware of my daily gratitude which allows for me to catch those magical moment and say yes and thank you to what I am attracting. Recognize, is another part of the equation for action five, I do this by journaling or saying thank you to the universe as the little or big moment occurs. To refine is to make small pivots in what we are calling in. It’s okay to say no thank you to have your request is manifesting. So, get clear and adjust as you go. It's fully okay to do so.

There they are, 5 beautiful and powerful actions to manifest anything in your life. So, get to it, start writing down what you want every day. Get clear with it and when it begins to manifest celebrate it and continue to do the work. It’s your birthrite, we all have the ability and deserve greatness. I would love to hear how this article and podcast moved you. Share your biggest takeaway and successes from applying these five actions on Instagram by tagging me @joiekya….

Until Next Time


Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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