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The Unbound Soul Course

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Joie Kya

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Say Hello To
My most comprehensive 
Mind, Body & Soul Upgrade

Get my exact life design blueprint that will change how you walk through the world. This is designed for seekers, dreamers, doers, risk takers, and everyone in between. Here we unwind and declutter the parts of you that have held you back. When you enter this gateway you are crossing the threshold of the soul. You are greeted by your sacred self that deserves space and presence in your life. Scroll down to learn more...

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Your soul is timeless. You have something beautiful that wants to emerge. A part of you that has been put aside have promised for months, years, or possibly your entire life to give it room to be felt and seen by the world.

You have spent too many years achieving, striving, seeking and chasing acceptance that you have forgotten who you are. Wait no longer, it is time for you to give a sacred yes to your own becoming. 

This is that big moment...

That one moment when you decide to become a wild unapologetic soul. This is the space that will help you foster it and be witnessed in your transformation. This course will be like no other its not about just doing the work on your own. Here we coach you, hold accountability, and create sacred space for you to explore you.

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Why this work is a game changer?

When the outline was created for this course there was a deep desire and intention to bring the many tools I have learned throughout my lifetime into one place. I wanted to thread them into a beautiful tapestry of remembrance of our truth and energetic footprint in this lifetime. To remind the student that they can move through the obstacles we face with grit and grace.  To create change in a way that was life lasting through an awakening process. To bring forth the queen, goddess, peaceful warrior, and other sacred femenized archetypes, so you emerge and let the empowered women rise into her true potential. 

When we rise to our greatness, we rise for our family, our communities and for humankind.

We Become...
Unbound, Unbound...Forever Unbound.

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Healing our wounds is something that should feel like a calling...there is no shame only the essence of your greatest self as you overflow with pure love that heals you and the generations that follow.

Creative Work

This is a heartfelt invitation to make great change in your life

What would happen if you redefined your life?

What if you stopped caring what the world says you are and became something completely unexpected...What if you were genuinely happy?

There is beauty in the release. The letting go becomes a beautiful disaster that is welcomed as it marks the beginning of your next chapter. 

Even better, you don't need to know what the next chapter is. In fact, the unknowing is sometimes the most exciting place to be. The vision isn't clear and the veil is just waiting to be pulled back. 

In this course we will let go and make room for the manifestations and new creations that are your future. We do it with community and a safe place to explore ourselves. 

Are you ready for the details?

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In this course we create a container that holds and supports you through your transformation. You will lean in and upgrade your mental and emotional self. You will begin to work on your physical wellness and do a mini refresh of your physical space. 

Have you ever been seen as your most authentic raw self? Fully accepted and encourage to explore your true nature. Because this is that! This is that opportunity.

If you are wondering if you need this right now, stop and consider what kind of life you will create coming from a place of realness. No more people pleasing..hesitation...waisting time on dead end roads...think about how you have derailed your life with these distractions. This is your shift that will rewild you. 


In this container we see you for who you truly are!

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The Unbound Soul Course

In this course you are stepping into a container of self pace work. This allows for you to be in flow with your life and get powerful results.

We're giving you our full tool kit of practices and approaches that we've been using and collecting for 25 years. All of the proven modalities and mindsets. All of it! 

We're holding nothing back...

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While the people in your life are continuing to do the same thing day after day, you will be making significant shifts that will be a game changer for you.

Ready for that?
Now you're wondering...


What is in the Course


Self-Paced Work

In our course you will go into a beautiful exploration of self in our online learning platform.

Here are some of the topics we move through...
Fierce Self-Love, Mind Detox, Radiance, Glass Ceiling Paradox, Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine, Soul Activation, Body Detox, Vitality Unbound, Redefining Relationships, Heart & Home, Home Declutter, Becoming Magnetic, Abundance and so much more. 

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Families Communicating Via Video Calls


Private Platform

We have a private practitioner platform that you have full access to. We hold space in a beautiful community using Telegram. Here you will have full access to a community of high vibe people. It feels energy rich and distraction free as a result. 

You will build a network of energy rich connections where you can collaborate and develop a sacred network of like minded peers.


There's More

You will also receive a Soul Practitioner Certification along with fully downloadable course work. This means full access to this material for years to come. 

If you are a healer, leader or coach you can add this certificate to your work meaning you can integrate this work into your offerings. The modalities and work we do are the ones I've developed in a decades work with my clients and part of my legacy is to encourage my students to teach and utilize them in their work.

Online Socializing
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Let's Talk Extras...

Because you need more goodness to sweeten this deal!

I’m still going… because I know you may have avoided this self work in the past, and I want to do all I can to help you be in it to win it! 


  • Access to VISION, this workshop is designed to create clear purpose, generative flow in any and all areas of life, and create alivenesss that is authentic. We dive into visioning, planning, and soul-led goals that will make great impact on your life. 


  • Meditation Playlist for you to tap into as you need. This is members only access and they have been curated for this unique work.

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I Got You!

You've been starting this process for a while now. Well at least a version of it. You bought the how to books, you signed up for the courses, but nothing has been sustainable.

You're ready to move the needle in your mindset and how you see the potential of your life. You're ready to deepen your relationships including the one with yourself. And you want to feel younger and up your self care game including taking better care of your body. You want your home to feel like a sanctuary and can see how it's an outer reflection of how you feel about you. 

Yes, my friend...It is time for you and you are ready. You know that support and community is going to be the game changer you have been waiting for.

You're all about your people—the ones you create for, fight for, learn for, do better for. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this holding yourself back thing out once and for all, putting in time and getting your life a little bit closer to that optimal life that serves your family, your community, and your world.

Your Teachers

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Theresa Rose,
Grounding Force, Manifester and Practical Magic Practitioner

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Joie Kya
Sacred Illuminator, Grounded Free Spirit and Mentor.


I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is pursuing something big or small, no matter what stage of life you’re in.  If you’re ready to make significant change in your life, you’re in the right place.

But because I'm passionate about helping you tap into your full potential and take the mystery out of those little things that have held you back, you can immerse yourself in this work for a fraction of what I would normally charge…




Unbound Soul Course (value: $1500)

VISION Workshop (value $75)

Exclusive access to our Private Community (value: $PRICELESS)

When you enroll TODAY, you’ll click open your membership link to start:


So What Does it Cost?

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of $222

I'm just a grounded free spirit who decided that she wanted to outgrow her comfort zone!


A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. My wholehearted intention is to illuminate the light within every soul I journey this life with...

There was a time when I stumbled through my awakening. And one thing is for sure no one needs to go it alone..guidance and community are the perfect pillars to hold the seeker in their self-exploration.

Hi I'm Joie Kya

I don't believe there is a big mystery to unlock your freedom...
I have seen in my own life that its about a decision and then surrounding yourself with the right people who get you and understand your journey!

Image by Darius Bashar

Sometimes we hold back....
It can look like:

  • Hiding parts of who we are so we are accepted.

  • Over-give which exhaust our energy as a result

  • We act on the should's versus deep knowing

  • Don’t see the value in what we give

  • Never feel ready, tell ourselves that this year, this month, this week is when we will do better.

  • Compare ourselves to others

  • Unclear on what will bring us joy.

  • Believe we aren’t good enough, pretty enough, talented enough…wonder if we will ever be enough!

  • Overwork ourselves and burn out leaving no space for creativity and a new way to do things.

Does any of this ring true for you?

Because I believe you deserve to be authentic and unstoppable!

If you agree...then lets lean into your sacred yes!

Image by Neven Krcmarek

With everything offered and the magic of community you will be aligned to your soul and changing your life. 

Are you ready?

click now to's only $222 today.

Best Savings!

A One-Time Payment of $222

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