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3 Reasons You Need to Start Your Dream Business or Side Hustle

In order for us to have this conversation let’s feel into the desire deep in your belly. That feeling at the center of your heart, feel the dream that has been wanting to be birthed. Maybe there's something in you? A dream of someday. Today, I want us to just get curious about it and lean in to the possibilities that are inside of you. Read on to dive in to this conversation. For the full talk listen on the podcast Episode 116

If you have a dream or desire or maybe you started something and then stopped, but it's still inside of you. And it's a dream business or a side hustle then this episode is for you. The very first thing I want to ask you is, what's been holding you back? Have you been doubting yourself and your abilities? Do you have fear of being judged by the people that you care about? You care what they think of you. You don't want to be judged. You don't want to be shamed. Or maybe you wonder is it too late to take this kind of leap. Maybe you have a ton of ideas but you're just not sure which one to put your energy into. All of those ideas are showing up for a reason. Maybe you have no idea where to begin. Just the thought of it is overwhelming for you.

If any of those points resonate on any level thwt may be creating stagnation. And that fear has you stuck, and how do I know? Well I've been there and we can overcome that fear together.

We’re gonna talk about that here, you don't have to do this alone. We want to begin to understand that pull and that need to serve.

#1 The Time Is Now To Begin a Business

Number one, the economy landscape, right now where the world is at. We are in a level of recession. I try not to feed into that fear, but what a beautiful opportunity to create a business that brings in additional income while you're working your job or whatever it is that you're also doing to bring in income. You can create a side hustle or a small dream business, start building it now and bring in additional revenue that can help you recession improve your life. The energetic reason, because we are all moving through a state of transition, in other words, we're all redefining what it means to live. In society, the way we knew it in 2019 is not the way we know it here. in 2023 as I'm recording this and if you're listening to this in the future I'm sure it's it's changing even more. This is a great opportunity to step in and fill a need. It is a great time and people need your magic.

#2 You Have The Desire & Vision In You

My second reason why you need to start your dream business or side hustle is :

you have a desire and a vision within you

You can feel that there is something calling you to show up now you may not understand it but you have a nudge and that nudge is telling you something. That nudge is saying the world needs you and let's talk about that. It's intuitive, there are these invitations that keep showing up. People who would benefit from what you have to offer or they're saying I need this and you're like well I was thinking about starting a business doing that or a side hustle doing that… it just makes you wonder doesn't it ? Or maybe there is no wonder maybe it is the universe saying knock knock are you there? It's time to open the door and walk through this unknown threshold.

#3 You Have A Gift In You

Your third reason, you have a gift in you to share ...

What wants to manifest inside of you? We underestimate our knowing, we underestimate our strengths and our gifts . We can shy away from our magic and the invitation. Your third reason to do it now, is to embrace your magic, your soul gift is everything you are made for. We talked about it in the title , we talked about the dream business or the side hustle and I want to honor the idea of a side hustle. I think a side hustle is divine, because you can play and you can take your time to really curate something that you love. You can make mistakes, you can try again and the play of that is absolutely fantastic.This is something that we do in our sacred business incubator program. It's a six month container where we really hold you, we give you trainings, you learn mindset and the strategic piece of business. You learn how to create and mold something so you have a vision, a mission and a direction. You have a brand and you're out there doing your thing by month 6 and then the beauty is that we give you that container for a lifetime. You always can come go back listen to the trainings, jump on our coaching calls, and we support you. That is so unique you don't have to figure out the soul gift by yourself sometimes we need someone to reflect like a mirror back to us help us see what our gifts are and how we can show up.

I really believe we all have a leader within us and it takes another conscious leader to activate our wisdom and then the floodgates of knowing just enters you. This is why a program like the sacred business incubator is so helpful, we help you do the things that actually move the needle in our important my friend. You are not alone and yes this a large invitation to you. you don't have to join SB II love my program I think it's fantastic I know it serves those who join however I want you today to give yourself permission to recognize that the time is now that you already have the desire vision and your soul gift my friend you were born with it and all of your life experiences has only helped you refine it, this I know hands down.

I am so elated to watch individuals like yourself, step into their power and show up and share their gift, it is pure magic. So if you have a little something in your heart and it's a side hustle or it's a small business that you want to start, I want to encourage you to go out there and get the thing. Get started today, what are you waiting for? The world needs you, just remember that. Don’t be afraid who you're going to serve or who's gonna buy your services or who's gonna buy your product. I promise you it will all align.


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