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Winter Solstice- Time for Self Reflection & Magic, Magic, Magic!

It's that time of year...A time of self reflection and reviewing the last 12 months. We are being called to be in the moment and step away from the push and do, do, do way of being. The world has changed and we have changed along with it, this year has been a growth year indeed and within the growth we are birthing a new freedom.

I'm thrilled to share the wisdom of Beverly Huston-Fisher, a fellow soul sistar that I've been walking the path with for some time. So thrilled to bring her goodness to you..You can listen to the full episode of the podcast above or click here to find it on your favorite podcast platform...Don't forget to subscribe to the show and let us know what you think with a love note and 5 star review!

Here's a peak at the conversation we had on the show...And don't forget your FREE SOLSTICE GIFT HERE!

The Energies of the Year

The energy of 2022 ( 222) was an energy of Self Mastery, a refinement of our relationships and it was a Lovers Card in the Tarot kind of year. It was a relationship detox of sorts and it was painful at times. This greater invitation to show up and step into a more real and raw life.

Solstice Feels Like a Call to Slow Down

As we bring a close to the year we are also asked to trust our inner knowing, to slow down so we can truly reflect and listen to our own unique truthful voice. We must learn to trust this call to just be, even though we have so many things pulling our attention in different directions.

We Have a Solstice Gift for You!

We wanted to show up for you and offer you a special soul gift...Click Here to receive our Solstice Gift Bundle that includes a Ceremony, Solstice Music, and Guided Meditation.

It's a wonderful gift to slow down and connect with our inner voice as we move through the Solstice and the last days of the year. Both Beverly and I want to send you many blessings and abundance during this season.

So much love xoxo...

If you would like to sit and hold space with me in a sacred Soul Session where we sink into your truth and journey I would love to be of service. In these sessions we show up raw and open to what is moving for us and to also spend time exploring where you are headed in your journey. You can sign up here!

A bit about my beautiful podcast guest!!!

Beverly Huston-Fisher CEO Balanced Living ~ Body, Mind & Spirit Muse / Podcaster / Writer / Instructor / Curator / Artist

“Supporting & Empowering Women to Shine Their Inner Light”

Beverly is a Herbalist, Chef, Writer, Podcaster, Spiritual Ritual Guide, Intuitive Bodyworker, Yoga & Fitness Teacher, Priestess of ULC, Very Proud Mother & Grandmother.

Lover of Adventure & Believer of Magic...

Beverly notes, “She has always had a foot on both sides of the veil... Being able to see spirits, auras, the future & past lives has given her a deep understanding of not only the visible world but all of the energies & magic that always surrounds us…” She loves to share & support others in connecting with their inner knowing & personal power with body movement, ritual work & meditations especially in nature.

Her links and goodies...



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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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