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Messy Middle to Expansion

We all know this messy in-between, the space when we feel the most alone and misunderstood. It's such an isolating place to be. Today I'm talking about it and in this conversation I'm hopefully giving you permission to own this awkward and even scary place of unknown and doubt.

In this article we are going to talk about what it feels and looks like and how to walk through it with as much ease and grace as possible. So let's dive in.

What it can feel like:

It feels like imposter syndrome, confusion, stress and overwhelm...When your business is growing, you’re going to feel excited and happy. But…there will also be times where it feels messy and chaotic. There will be challenging decisions to make, ideas to implement and more work than ever. It can feel like the ride never ends. That’s why we created our Messy Middle training. To help entrepreneurs like you survive the real (not the ideal) experience of creating a business in this shifting economy. And have a clearer vision for what lies ahead…

What it can look like:

It can look like a scattered message in your branding, decrease in revenue, clients ending their work with you. It can even feel like you're not being paid enough for what you offer or your tired at the end of your work day. The Messy Middle feels like a mess. It looks messy, it feels messy and sometimes you can't even see the middle through all the clutter. But here's what you can do: Walk through it.

How to walk through it:

I have a 3 step approach to walking through the mess.

  1. Allow the stuff that no longer makes sense to fall away.

  2. Step deeply into your truth

  3. Become your future self.

Listen to this full conversation on the WildSoul Academy Podcast episode 101 "Messy Middle to Expansion"

The messy middle is a challenging place in any business. No matter how much planning you do, there are things that happen that you didn't expect and probably don't want. You've worked hard to earn the reputation for being a leader in your industry or niche, but now it feels like everything is crumbling down around you. Maybe you feel like you're alone with this struggle. The good news is that you are not alone. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have periods of uncertainty and struggle."

Thank you for reading

Joie Kya



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