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Draw Boundaries in Your Business~ And Let's Throw in Some Life Ways Too!

This conversation is so essential to you living your best life. Look boundaries are for you, not anyone else and we must give this conversation some space in our life. In this article we I'm sharing my 5 key boundaries that I've created in my business and life.

The outcome from setting these boundaries have been everything. It has created a life that I want to live and it has brought me success time after time. Let's be real I stumble and have to hit the reset time and time again, but I stay the course and check in on my boundaries often.

How does one do that? And we're going to be talking about it. So let'sdive on in, shall we? I wanted to define what a boundary is before I share with you the five ways that I create them. To define boundaries is to understand that it is a personal job and our boundaries are not really about someone else crossing them. And invading our set line, it is actually important to have boundaries for yourself. To know what your set point is to say to yourself, I'm going to set this intention. This is my boundary for me to maintain so that I am grounded and centered and have equilibrium in my life.

I'm giving you my go to boundaries worksheet here

# 1 Where I Spend My Time

My number one way of drawing a boundary in my life and business is drum roll my schedule. My schedule where I spend my time being very aware of where my time goes is a very important element.

Of this process.

What do I mean by that? When I plan my quarter, my year, my month, my week and my day, I'm asking myself very first thing I ask is family and friends. I understand that like me, you are probably someone who is very passionate. About the work. And the legacy they're leaving in the world and that sometimes can be a a real driving force in one's. But don't forget who you're doing it for. You're doing it for you. It for the. People you're serving and you're doing it for your family and the people that you love. You want to make that your priority, making yourself and the family and the friends. That is your key. So the very first thing I do with my time and my schedule is I make sure that I have planned out my time with them. I give more details in the podcast episode so be sure to listen in.

#2 Who Do You Spend Your Time With

Start to investigate. Look at where you've spent your time in the past month. How do you feel energetically? Who elevated you and then who brought you down? We want to make sure that we surround ourselves with mentors and peers that support us and challenge us. And we want to look at how much time we're spending with our family, making sure that we're there, making sure we we are really leaving our love legacy with those that we love.

In our businesses becoming very aware with who we work with, not every client is a Yes! We can start to ask yourself harder questions when it comes to who do you spend your time with. who are you working with? Are they lighting you up?

I know for me and my business, I don't want to just collect a paycheck. I want to feel really alive and awake and around who I work with, because that brings aliveness to me . How many hours I spend with my private clients and with my group clients, my group coaching programs? I'm very, very clear. I'm only actually working10 hours a week with the private clients and the group coaching. And then I'm spending maybe about another 20 hours ish. I say ish. Because some of it is, you know, me getting coaching, me having mentoring right. But I'm spending about another 20 hours in my business working on the visioning. And creating content for those group programs for those private clients. So really getting clear on who you're spending your time with is going to be a really important elementand itit applies to our. First boundary which is our time and our schedule all right. So that's number two who we work with and who we spend our time with.

#3 Clarity On How We Quantify Our Worth

All right, #3 getting really clear on how we are quantifying our worth. How do we? Quantify our worth. We can look at business and talk about money, so we can say how much do you charge for your services.

We want to make sure that we are charging our worth, that we're not hurting ourselves there.

Then the other piece of that is how much time do you need to spend with friends and family? In a way that makes you feel like, oh, I'm being a good friend or I'm being a good sister. Or daughter or mom. You know, you get to fill in the blank. The quality, not the quantity being really aware of that making sure everything is very energy rich. #3 is understanding how do I quantify my worth when it comes to my pricing getting paid, getting paid on time, that's all part of it. The quality of time and connection that we're spending, how am I quantifying that? And so it's time for you maybe to look at that in a deeper way. We fall into this trap of I've got to give and give and give and give so that I feel like I'm worth what you're giving me in return. We are over giving to a fault and that dilutes our energy, so we want to make sure those boundaries are really clear.

#4 Get Clear On Who Has Access To You

Getting really clear on who has access to me, something that social media has brought to all of us is a very busy inbox. Facebook, for example, Messenger I get messages randomly all of the time. My e-mail box I get random messages all of the time. People wanting to connect people wanting to collaborate, people wanting to partner and I love it. I absolutely love it, but I have to be very strategic with who receives my energy and time.

We only have so much of it. Like we were talking about with number one. Getting very, very clear and even having someone help you filter through some of those messages so you're not the one going through all of them. Now of course you have relationships that are already built, and I'm not saying have someone respond and have it have your assistant respond to your best friend. No, but get really clear. Have a process. And put a system in place so that you are supported and ensuring that your energy isn't spread out a million directions and that your energy is potent and direct and clear. And it's creating that fluidity that you seek. Also know that a sacred know is as beautiful as a sacred Yes.

#5 Remember Your Vision For Your Life

Remember the legacy that you're here to make. And honor it. Honor it day in and day out. It's so key to stay focused and intentional and clear on what you want for your life. We must honor the life that we are creating and crafting.

It ties back to who gets access to you, who do you want to spend your time with? Who supports those dreams. Who celebrates you in a wholehearted way? Who receives you celebrating them? Getting really clear on your vision. Going back to the point we really want to make sure that we know where we want to go. We know where our legacy is getting the greatest impact and we're continuing to do that day in and day out, every decision that I make is going through my vision. I look at it from different perspectives. I look at it from a growth mindset. Maybe this is something new, a new opportunity, and I'm going to. Explore the possibility. Of that, and maybe it's a yes. Maybe it comes down to something that you've done before that kind of worked and do I want to go it again? Do I want to try it again? Let's say that's for your business. On a personal level. Going on vacation with friends, spending time with them. Is that going to fill your cup does that.

Align with the vision of your life. I'm hoping it does. I hope you have friends. Like that but if. You have friends who are toxic in nature and love to gossip, and it's going to lower your vibration or you're going to end up being the counselor and the therapist. In the group for the whole. Is that really what you want to do? Is there a better way to fill your cup? Again, we really want to get very, very clear around what we want and making sure that our life is surrounded by it. And that's what boundaries are really about. It's not about others.

We love others! It's absolutely their prerogative to live their life the way they want. Our job is to live our life. The way we want, we are very fortunate to live in a in a world where we are free and we have potential and choices that we get to make each and every day.

We want to honor that. We want to honor ourselves, so I hope that this helps you draw the boundaries. Life and in your business and allows you some space to explore that. So again, I'm going to encourage you to write out this boundary exercise. And for fun, I will leave you a link iso you actually can get your own copy and go through the process. It is a wonderful one. I hope you enjoy it.

I want to thank you so, so much for joining me once again and I hope you have a beautiful, blessed day.



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