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Call of the Sacred Feminine

The follow is a passage from my new book that is currently being curated...Blessings

This journey is an invitation to rediscover who your soul is and to better understand why you are so important in this life. My intention is to awaken the fierce feminine within you for the sake of coming into your own power unapologetically. This book will touch many of you as a new direction and approach and for others it is the simple reminder to look deeper and to not forget what you know.

All of us have been called into divine feminine incarnation in this time for a sacred purpose. Although, we find ourselves distracted and therefore turning away from our true call to powerful brilliance. We can see and hear the call to action in religion, politics, and in our schools. Some of us are mothers and some of us mothers in spirit but our call for change is deep within the core of our womb. This call is showing up in our world as social justice and the me too movement. This is just the beginning as the divine feminine embrace’s the term feminist in the most powerful way. When we rise up as a healed soul-centered warrior action happens. We don’t need to become the abuser to make change, we can call womxn into our alignment by showing her who she is. We can call the men of the world into balance as we gracefully call the demand for change.

Sistar we have an important role that we can’t put off on anyone else. Before I continue, let’s recognize right now, that we have come so far. Hundreds of years ago we relied on men for hunting as we gathered and raised the young for the tribe. Our healing qualities were honored and embraced. The shift began slowly as the men of the tribe would fight and protect and as the centuries past, we evolved into a separation of mother/father and comparison divided us. We became the mother and less of the healer. Men became the protector and less of the father. O yes, there should be a masculine version of this book and I believe in healing the masculine as well. But this is not my call.

She is calling you to your power and her voice wants to speak and bring balance to the world. This doesn’t always look pretty, in fact, it is painful at first. The process from feeling your power bubble up to making change for your own life can be uncomfortable at best. It can honestly be filled with sorrow, rage and many tears of clarity as you integrate your newfound wisdom.

I invite you......Listen, Embrace her, Be her...

Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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