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Awaken Signs from the Universe (how to identify them, raise your vibe & become magnetic)

The idea of talking about manifestation and abundance gets me really jazzed and excited at the possibilities of what I can create next in my life. Long ago, I found a secret and the secret was that every single day I can choose to be whomever I want in this life. If I want to wake up today and decide that I want to be a bartender I can go become a mixologist. I can put my resume out to the world or even open my own bar. You see, we can create anything and living in the free world here in the states, we have the liberty of choosing and choosing again. You can truly become whatever it is that you want to be. Sinking in and learning to connect to the signs from the universe and also tap into them energetically so that you can call more of it into your life is how we play with abundance.

I’m going to review 3 keys to calling in what you desire.

# 1 See and Hear the Signs

What does that mean? What are signs? How do we define them? First of all in order to understand that the universe is calling to you, we have to open our awareness. We want to be looking for miracles and magic in our life. Expect miracles and magic to happen. Once a week I set a day aside just for miracles and magic. This means I open myself and my calendar to the possibilities. Monday through Thursday I work pretty much nine to five and then Friday is set aside to be expansive and filled with things that bring me joy. I go into detail in Ep 117 of the pod.

#2 Feel It and Align Our Energy To It

Life is filled with invitations and a big part of aligning to abundance is to notice them. Once the invitation happens which can be an experience or nudge, now you have this opportunity to ask yourself how do I feel about this? what does this mean to me? is this something that I'm ready to receive at this time? Listen to the full conversation on the pod.

#3 Embrace It, To Nurture It

Ask yourself how am I going to act on this? what's that look? Start to really envision being open and expansive but also start to envision the wonderful experience and enjoying the reality you are creating.

There you have it, the three ways we can awaken and how we can identify the signs from the universe. And how we can raise our vibe with it and become more magnetic what does it mean to be magnetic why does that mean it means to be energy rich it's doing yourself work so that you are as pristine as you possibly can be and you're imperfect way because no one needs to be ultimately we want to be embracing the beautiful opportunities in our life. We want to be taking care of ourselves. We want to have healthy boundaries, we want to nourish our bodies, we want to move our bodies, we want to have great relationships in our life. All of these things are so important.


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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