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3 Ways I Spark My Creativity on the Regular

In this podcast episode we are talking about creativity. I also give my take on what creativity is and how it works. This is something I believe is spiritual and key to our ability to manifest and live abundantly. I am sharing my three tried and true approaches as well as a fun bonus that I have been using to get my creative juices flowing. So, let’s dive in.

What is creativity? Let’s touch on the definition I root this concept from. I’m a visionary type which means I enjoy looking at the big picture for my life personally and professionally. Creativity for me is a manifestation process. Always looking at what one is developing in our thoughts and actions. For me, it’s allowing myself to be a conduit of universal flow which is filled with ideas and inspiration. When I tap into this energy, I believe I’m allowing a creative connection to our source which we all have access to. I could talk about this for a full episode, but for now I recommend listening to the episode for an expansion of my definition.

Let’s talk the three ways that I plug myself into the creative flow that is available to all of us.

Number One…Meditation

O yeah…Mindfulness and meditation is my number one go to for tapping into and igniting my creativity. How you define and express this is unique for the individual. The invitation is the act of slowing down to turn down the noise of life and come into a state of quiet and all for our true voice to be heard. If you want to check out my meditation playlist on SoundCloud click here

Number Two…Movement

Moving my body is how I tap into my creativity. This helps me move stagnant energy. It also makes me feel alive and vibrant which elevates our vibration and mood. The inspiration will come sometimes during the movement but often for me it’s the hours after that I can feel the energetic uplift and movement into living my best life which in turns strikes that spark of creativity.

Number Three…Connect with like-minded peeps

Mentors, BFF’s, Family and high vibe peeps are the most helpful thing when I’m feeling stuck in the muck. Want to connect with your fellow WildSouls? Check out our Facebook Group Here

Bonus…Inspired by other speakers and authors

I once shied away from utilizing this tool to inspire. Now I love to tap into learning and being influenced by other creatives who are on a similar path.

Tapping into our creativity is our birthrite and you my friend should never shy away from your sacred design. We all hold so much richness and magic within and when we share it with the world we bring our gifts to the party of life. Until next Time...Have a Beautiful Blessed Day!

Love Joie Kya



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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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