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Your All in
Tarot &
Intuition Blueprint

Get my all access pass to the nuts & bolts of Tarot and my Grow Your Intuition Blueprint that will skyrocket your3rd eye at the same time. 

Say Hello To

Joie Kya

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Have you wanted to explore and learn Tarot but find yourself watching your decks collect dust? 

You thought it would be easy to learn Tarot and yet find yourself either looking at the booklet that came with your cards (could the font be any smaller...) or you're looking for the meaning on Google trying to find a site that doesn't attack you with pop-up adds...anyone else feel crazy with those sites?

Or Maybe??? You've been reading Tarot for a while, but are ready to elevate your connection and wisdom around this sacred tool. 


This is that big moment...

This is your time to shift your focus and to show up in the world in a deeper way. It's time to get out of the same day to day routine and begin living full out. My Grow your Intuition through Tarot Blueprint is here to help you overcome the cookie cutter approach to reading cards and learn a REAL process that will develop your intuition in a beautiful and unique way--- and growing above & beyond what you think is possible!

Time to carve a new path. Time to open your intuition and trust it on new levels. And for some of you, finally understand  what the heck your intuition has been saying and doing!

Seriously, my intuition always felt like it was a bit out of control like a wild hair I just couldn't tame.

Until Tarot came into my life...That's when everything changed!


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Who's Ready To Geek Out With Me?

Here's how you know you're feeling it...

You have been curious about Tarot for a hot minute and you've got a few decks with dust on them, because you got overwhelmed trying to learn.

You started to read the booklet that came with your deck but quickly realized you don't have a magnifying glass to read that small ass print! 

Your higher self has been using the mom need a teacher...its time for a soul guide she nudges...

You know it's time to better understand your intuition but are not sure where to begin. 

I have got your back my friend! I can help you where you are at.

My approach is part traditional structure and part self taught...
I'm a Rebel Reader...Think of me as someone who knows the rules but decided to create her own rulebook.

Does this peek your curiosity? I hope so, let's dive in!

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Tarot isn't just about being witchy!

It's an invitation to connect deeper to your life.

And that's why I am over seeing approaches to this tool come across dark or cheesy.

Tarot Cards _ Crystals


Remember the stories we grew up with around this topic? Movie's like Charmed and Practical Magic(My fav) gave us some hope that being witchy wasn't a bad thing. That reading tarot and growing an herb garden was kinda cool and brillant...dare I even say a bit wild and feminine! 

I loved this time in my life, because it started a magic revolution. I would now call it something beyond magic, these days it feels like those who are called to the mystical are heart-led feminized wild souls. We are awakened to our 3rd eye and we are in a season of next level magic. And we are all being given this really cool sacred invitation to lean into our ability, to know and see the world through a new lens. 

What would happen if we started being honest again and let are light shine? 

If we take away the masks of trying to fit in, we may actually find ourselves in true bliss! 

In 2007 I decided to blow up the so called perfect life. And I did it for the sake of my souls truth. Since that awakening I have spent my life and work inspiring others to trust their soul gifts and to trust their inner knowing. That voice that nudges and even gets pushy when we don't listen. 

It took me 5 years before I truly stepped fully into being a soul guide to the world full time, nothing happens overnight. What's so cool is it was Tarot that I first offered as a 1:1 service. I made my first $50 doing a reading and I haven't looked back since. 
And I want this for you too. Well your version of shinning bright.

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You may have been putting this off for years or even decades...

You may have started and didn't finish

You may have been reading for a while but want to grow your intuition to finally put the small booklet with the tiny font down once and for all. 

The good news...your ready to lean into this sacred tool... and you will absolutely fall in love with tarot in this course. 

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TAROT for the

I am delivering you a heart centered, soul-led experience that is energy rich with tools and techniques that you can adapt to as an intuitive with the Tarot as your guide. 

Here we teach you the foundational tools and stay in alignment to the structure of Tarot. Then we dive deep into how to apply Tarot into your daily life or when you need some guidance. 

We will also teach you how to read and intuit for others and there is more...

I’m handing over the step-by-step system I have used and taught my students...did I mention I've been doing this for the past 30 years? Yes it's True! I am Masterful when it comes to Growing your Intuition with Tarot.

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Tarot Card Deck

What is in the Course

Module One

Intention &
Soul Deck

We begin with creating deep soul level intentions for your exploration and development. Don't worry we help you discover your very own and it will be what roots you throughout your training.
We also help you create our soul match deck to work with.

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Module Two

Soul & Source

We move into a soul quest to activate your connection to the line of source. Within this we deepen your connection to your higher self and activate your intuition. This alone is going to give you high level engagement and intuitive development. 

Module Three

of Tarot

Learn & Explore the Structure of Tarot through the traditional approach as well as a deep divine into each card and how it translates to our time on the planet.

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Module Four

Learn the 
JK Approach

Here it gets really fun, Joie teaches you how to give a reading and it's so simple you can be giving readings in an hour. 
We then learn to create our own tarot blueprints and develop our own unique style of readings. We also give you spread templates for you to use.

Module Five

Step by Step

We give you a Step By Step Guide so you are able to give readings with deep intuition. You'll be amazed how accurate you will become by following the method.

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Module Six

Tools, Tips
& Techniques

In this module we love bomb you with so many resources and approaches to Tarot that you will come back to them time and time again. Remember there is 30 years of inspiration and experience in this course. 

I'm Joie,  
A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. 
My wholehearted intention is to illuminate the light within every soul I journey this life with...

There was a time when I stumbled through my awakening. And one thing is for sure no one needs to go it alone..guidance and community are the perfect pillars to hold the seeker in their self-exploration.

Let's Do This....

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PLUS, I've Got Some Additional Tarot Tools To Set You Up For Success! 

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Have you ever signed up for a program to be only met with disappointment? Trust me, I know how it feels...this is why I am dedicated to hitting the revamp button when a new or improved method shows up in my work. You will always have access to the updates and improvements...It's like a living Tarot Workshop!

The moment you join, you get instant access to all the modules, the deep dives, and all of the updates I throw in when the platform shifts gears on anything.

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Let's Talk Extras...

Because you need more goodness to sweeten this deal!

I’m still going… because I know you are hungry for all things magic and soul growth. Besides imagine all the things that are within me that I could teach after 30 years of this work.


HOW TO CREATE A BUSINESS DOING TAROT: I'm sharing how you can create a new business, side hustle, or to add it to the work you already do.

The numerology blueprint that changed my life is so full of deep insights and exploration. In this course I teach you the process and how I've modernized it to apply to our current times. 


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This Will Be Amazing

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This is for you if....

You're curious about Tarot and or you want to elevate your knowledge and connection to the  cards. 

You're ready to get off of Google and want to find your own truth and messages from the cards.

You're open to growing your ability to know things...and are a sacred yes to allow for deep soul upgrades!


I want this course to be accessible to everyone who is hungry and wants to pursue something big or small,  no matter what stage of learning you’re in, from beginners with little to no experience to the individual who is seasoned and hungry for a new take on the cards. 

But because I'm passionate about helping you crack the code and take the mystery out of those 78 cards, you can grab this course for just…



My 6 Module Training (value: $1,250)

How to Create a Business Doing Tarot Bonus  (value $1000)

Numerology Course (value $275)


When you enroll TODAY, you’ll have instant access:

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