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Let's Work Together

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Our keystone programs are  for the individual seeking deep connection with  healing, magic, manifestation, and togetherness. Offered as individual courses or full programs.

The work is parts wild & sacred school, energetic healing training, mystic training and earth allyship all brought together in a beautiful container . We move through the work as we move through each moon cycle and season, in complete flow and trust. 

This is part online community, high touch connection with your facilitators, and self-paced learning and application. 

Examples of  what you will learn are: Plant Medicine, Ritual, Healing Modalities, Deep Energetic Upgrades, Soul Leadership program and more...



Soul Leadership

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Our beautiful free online circle is a special gathering of like-minded souls. We come together to celebrate the lunar cycle, and the four seasons. We use a private online platform to come together to commune and share, away from social media.

This is a great choice if you are seeking community, inspiration, meditation, and self pace courses and masterclasses.

Click the link below to get full details.

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& Circles

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Join one of our virtual circles or seasonal rituals. 

We gather many times throughout the year to celebrate the seasons, the moon, and bring our healing energy together for personal and earth healing. 

Explore the link below to see more of what is being offered. All offerings are drop in and are included in our other programs. If you want a sampling of what we do here at WildSoul this is a perfect option.

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Our Academy is filled with sacred souls on a journey to create massive expansion and healing to our communities and the planet. Our focus is about a deep connection with nature, developing leaders and healers for global transformation, and a soft place to land and grow with others like you called to do sacred work.

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Enjoy sacred conversations with Joie Kya on

The WildSoul Academy Podcast

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