WildSoul Academy

Our Intention

In February 2018 Joie Kya relaunched her company and launched with it her first online course 28 Day's to a New You. This planted the seed for a soul-centered space to learn, grow and evolve with other like-minded individuals. As we embark into 2020 WildSoul Academy will be a focal point for Joie as she writes and develops  programs for the soulful practitioner and teacher. She is in collaboration with other influencers and soul-centered experts in their fields to create courses and programs that are in alignment for the healer of 2020. 

Our Approach

We believe that we learn best when we are experiencing the benefits from the information being given. We are a hands on and process approach learning platform. Whether you take an online, hybrid, or in-person course we will challenge to do the work for yourself before sharing it with others. So every student experiences personal integration before putting their learning out into the world.

Online Programs & Community

Our online community is growing everyday and we love bringing wild and sacred learning to our students.Let's face it, online is where it's at. We love the freedom of our online forum. As we expand our platform for sacred entrepreneurs and creatives in 2020 we invite you to look into our Wild & Sacred Biz Goddess program and the beautiful Sacred Solstice Sisterhood group. Both programs are for the sacred soul-centered individual who is seeking community, learning, and taking their life and biz to the next level. We are also on social and invite you to join us always.

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Certification & Apprenticeship

 We take an alchemist approach understanding that it's about your unique and perfect blend that will make you successful. Our Energetic Healer & Facilitator Certification program is for the medicine womxn who has been on her healing and expansion journey and is now ready to bring sacred space holding and healing into her practice or launch something new.. If you have interest in our Certification program and would like to discuss in detail the outline and your individual journey we are always available for a discovery conversation. Joie Kya is in a season of teaching a select group of individuals in an apprenticeship. Please send us a note and we will connect with you to discuss more.

Live Events

It is a deep passion to create an environment for leaders to show up and share their message and gifts with others. This elevates and inspires both the speaker and the audience they deliver their truth too. This is a sacred call of collaboration and expansion for Joie Kya. In 2020 we are offering four large event opportunities for soulful leaders to show up and share there message. Or maybe you would love to come and be the student and just bask in the magic and miracles that takes place in our in-person live events.   

Explore our current offerings by clicking on their names below.

Serving Northern California and Beyond

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