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12~Week Transformation Course

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Do you have a dream in your heart? Is there something calling you, but you're struggling with what it is? Or maybe you know exactly what you want, but you are lost in how to begin? Or you may have started, but keep getting stuck? 


We could spend years stuck in the wonder of what we want, trying different paths, spending our time and money to only find ourselves even more confused and unsure. Many wildly amazing woman put everyone else first and somehow lose themselves along the way. This is why I've created a course for Wildhearted Woman who want to make a difference in the world, who know that there is something special inside waiting to burst forth.  This perfectly designed six-module course will open your mind to your personal truth, then connect passion and purpose in a soulful way. This is a catapult group program designed to help you launch your reinvention and to gain traction in the most important areas of life. 


That amazing woman you are seeking is already within! It is time to LET HER GROW! In this deep dive course, we will unlock our true vision, start living from our heart, and begin creating a life that will surprise you. Join Joie and a small group of like-hearted women in this transformative 12-week course!


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Become unstoppable and learn to live at a new level! 

Cost is $197 a month or $555 Paid in Full!

Course Begins Thursday October  3rd through January 10th!

Launch 2020 with momentum!

Module One~Wild Unknown

  • Deep assessment of your current thoughts and habits

  • Develop a holistic blueprint for your life

  • Create awareness and awaken to the untapped potential in life

  • Cultivate and nurture ourselves to prepare for the wilderness.


Module Two~Mapping the Wild

  • Develop a meaningful personal vision and mission statement

  •  Identify what we want to create and change.

  •  Create a plan for now and the next five years 

  • Embrace abundance


Module Three~ Wildly Driven

  • Wholeness approach to living

  • Clear the clutter in your life

  • Healthy living practices including  Meditation, Nutrition, and Fitness

  • Learn how to build rejuvenation into your life


Module Four~Creative Living

  • Unleash your unique gifts and strengths

  • Apply the innovation formula

  •  Understand the ebb and flow of creativity

  •  Practices and tools to get you on the fast track to completion. 


Module Five~Untamed & Tenacious

  • learn and apply the transformation formula

  • Tapping into the wild and unknown fearlessly

  • Have the best month of your life

  • Achieve and celebrate like a rock star about it!


Module Six~Flourish Wildly

  • Discover the next level  for you

  • Bring your learning and tools and apply them to a success equation that will make you unstoppable.

  • Be unstoppable

  • Release abundance blocks for good

  • How to create the long game and soar!


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