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© 2019 by Joie Kya. 

Wildflower Summit

Sacred Living & Purpose

Join us for our 5th Wildflower Summit on November 16th & 17 2019!

Wildflower Summit

Soulful Empowerment

The intention of Wildflower is not only a day of amazing transformation but a community dedicated to each attendee discovering their amazing potential and then delivering it to the world.

Join our community and get immersed in the wonderful world of potential and amazing high-level living that is your birthright. 



We are offering 2 full days this season

& our theme is Sacred Living & Purpose!

We are thrilled to announce that we are growing which means a larger venue plus 12 soulful speakers & 7 vendors in a two day event!

Wildflower Summit~ Sacred Living & Purpose

Join the transformation sisterhood of the Wildflower Summit for our 5th Season on November 16th and 17th in a journey of soul-center living and purpose in this two day event. Twelve powerhouse woman are coming together to build a synergistic space where we can come together to align, awaken, and design our life and leadership to the next level. Whether you are seeking connection, enlightenment, inspiration, collaboration, or some self care this unique weekend of sacred design will fulfill you mind, body, and spirit. 

We know how to have a great time!


What to expect:

  • 2 days full of inspired sacred conversation around knowing and tapping into our self truth

  • Overcoming abundance and mindset blocks

  • Creating soulful routines and rituals for life and success

  • Conversations to expand your consciousness

  • Awaken your inner passions and align them with your desires

  • Gain self-confidence and clarity to create abundance 

  • Be supported by like-minded women

  • Identifying and honoring your story with wisdom

  • Reclaim your power by becoming self-aware and responsible for your actions and outcomes

  • Make soulful connections with like-minded women

  • and much more

Your Wildflower Team

Joie is a Soul Weaver, Illuminator, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Sacred Collaborator, Soulful Author, Inspirational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Life Blueprint Architect, and the most Grounded Free Spirit you will ever meet. She works with sovereign entrepreneurs to develop a heart centered business and to release blocks that otherwise hold them back from being their authentic selves. Joie also works with the individual seeking more in their lives and works with multiple approaches to help those who seek transformation to reinvent their lives.


The scared gift of collaboration is near and dear to Joie’s soul purpose and call at this season of her life. She works with other great leaders and influencers to create workshops, special events and certification programs for her WildSoul Academy. This is her labor of love and if given the choice would collaborate daily.

Wildflower Founder

Sacred Illuminator


Caterina Rando, serves women on a mission. She mentors women leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to be their authentic selves while being of service. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community and providing massive value while uplifting others.

Caterina is a sought-after-speaker, prolific workshop and retreat producer and a best-selling author. Her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories.

Caterina is also, the founder of Thriving Women in Business Community and Center in San Francisco. She is also founder of the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. This group of big-hearted women entrepreneurs who raise money for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy or retired before they can embrace philanthropy. 

Business Coach


Caterina Rando

Teresa is an international speaker, author and mentor-coach to all those seeking a more fulfilled life. She works with women and heart-centered entrepreneurs who know they are here to be an agent of change in the world but are struggling in a lifestyle or career they no longer feel passionate about. She helps them understand their Soul Contract so they can align more deeply to a life of soul purpose. Her cutting edge program, Your Life’s Design (TM), provides participants with insights into the deep rooted impulses that negatively impede their desires. Her dedication to leading the life of a Spiritual Warrior has involved being a life long learner and practitioner of her own wisdom – teachings, exemplified in her book Braving The Self, The Journey of a Spiritual Warrior.


Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an empath has become very acute over the years – so much so, that reading the language of the human body’s energy system has become second nature. She has learned to identify an individual’s biography stored in the cellular memory of their body and has masterfully combined this skill with astrology, to further deepen an understanding of the reasons for the unfolding of their story. Not only can she decode for an individual, but she has also applied this intelligence toward her sense of the collective evolution of humanity.

Life Design Strategist


Teresa Campos

An Entrepreneur for 18 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 8 years Jen Gilchrist has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a 6-figure Business Owner --making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same. 


 It is Jen’s gift and passion to work with coaches, authors, emerging leaders and messengers take their soulful message out into the masses, so they can create a Big impact in the world. 


She works with “Highly Sensitive” and Spiritual Entrepreneurs on a deep level, helping them to reclaim the confidence, trust, and tools needed to harness their intuition, move through fears, align with their Unique Purpose, and create a thriving business without burning out. Jennifer is inspired and passionate about empowering  others to be the Leader in their life and business, while enjoying life on their terms.


Success Mentor


Jen Gilchrist

Theresa has spent her life as a perpetual student of the world.  As a young woman with business degree in hand, she entered corporate life fully ready to embrace the ideology of the American dream.  Slowly, she began to realize the lack of soul in the work she was doing and so she began a new journey. 

Over fifteen years ago she burst open a door to learning about the subtle energies that flow through the world.  Initial exposure to feng shui techniques led her to Karen Kingston’s approach to space clearing and creating sacred space allowing her first hand experience in tapping into the universal flow.  Jnana Yoga studies further empowered mindfulness, after practicing for over 7 years, she is excited to begin teacher training in this beautiful modality spring 2020.  She has been an ardent student and practitioner of tarot, astrology, numerology, psychic development, magic and occult knowledge; studying with many teachers along the years, including the wonderful Joie Kya. Now she is stepping into her own path, ready to share her life experience and knowledge.  She is excited to share her love of tarot, crystals, awe of sacred geometry and magic made simple.

Head Curatrix


Theresa Charlton

a dynamic, intuitive, Empowerment Expert, Teen Life Coach, Speaker and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She earned a Master’s degree in Education became a Reading Specialist and also worked for over 20 years teaching grades K-12.  Being an entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, she jumped at the opportunity to become a TV Host and produced her own show called, “Life on Purpose” which airs on WBTVN.TV. Carolyn has been featured in magazines, TV and radio with the “The Good Life Show,” and “Elevate Radio.” As a high school English teacher she transformed the lives of youth from gangs and jail with her Poetry-Therapy/Healing Hearts Program. Carolyn is also a published Poet and has written college curriculum as well as best sellers as a Ghost Writer. 

With a deep passion for the Healing Arts Carolyn brings peace to the chaos, light to the truth and healing to the pain. Carolyn upscales her client’s health, relationships & business with cutting-edge techniques in her Maximize Your Brilliance program to Reboot & Recharge Your Life.

Empowerment Expert

Carolyn McGraw

With over ten years of experience working with people facing lifelong challenges as well as other transitional periods, she has found the value in human transformation and is clear that her message has and will continue to change lives. Sheree continually updates her education and is working on her first book based on the 12 step concept with the question "Now What?" in mind. Sheree continues to reinvent herself and finds great joy in supporting others to do the same. Most recently she has started sharing her love for Sattva Yoga as a Sattva teacher. Sattva Yoga has opened her up to even more then she believed possible. Sheree Graces latest offering is the Sattva journey that includes Kriya, meditation, freedom movement, partner work and pranayama all infused with a vinyasa flow.

Spiritual Development


Sheree Grace

Jacque is a motivating, inspiring and fun fitness specialist whose down to earth, straight-forward and warm communication style makes her a favorite speaker.

She is passionate about helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle by teaching the tools needed for optimal posture.

Jacque provides clients with specific exercises that they can use and implement right away to get immediate results, as well as, benefit from for years to come.

Jacque has a degree in Exercise Science and is a certified Postural Therapist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer with over 40+ years’ experience. She holds 8 certifications in the fitness industry.

Symmetry Practitioner




Stephanie Mearse has worked with Desert Capital Management Group since 2014 and was recently promoted to Vice President of the company. Stephanie has a BA in Business Management and an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix.  She has been a professional in Marketing for over 18 years. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 she received the companies Top Performer Award for her commitment to excellence and outstanding performance.


In her personal life, Stephanie is dedicated to her family, friends, and church. She's actively involved in Rotary Club, The Women’s Thursday Club, Tapestry Network,  and her local Chamber of Commerce. Stephanie is co-Founder of Empower Hour (Women's Networking Group) and was a finalist for a local Honorary Mayor position.  Married with a young son and daughter, Stephanie is passionate about impacting the lives of others, and helping those she meets to achieve both their professional and personal goals.

Co-Founder of Women's Networking Group

Stephanie Mearse

Cindy Sharp founder of The Self-Loved Life is a thought provoking and inspirational speaker, author, self-loved analyst, love strategies coach and a laughter yoga leader.

As a quirky change maker, rule breaker and LOVE partaker, she is a light to all that know her!

 Her moving stories of being born with a rare birth defect, wealthy at times, abused, homeless at the age of 17, on occasion very rebellious and eventually self-loved, she inspires all who meet her to become a Self-Loved Leader in their own lives.

Self-Love Strategist

Cindy Sharp

Katie has always had a unique ability and passion to connect soul-to-soul with everyone she meets.  She offers her clients healing through powerful energy work such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing Sessions and Akashic Journeys that include, Aromatherapy, Light and Sound Therapy. Her goal is to help her clients gain clarity and understanding of their life’s purpose while anchoring in more love, happiness, peace and fulfillment. People are drawn to how safe they feel in her presence as she is known to help others remember their inner joy.

Katie has always had a passion for purity in what she puts in and on her body. She has been making her own body/skin products with natural, high quality ingredients such as lotions, toothpaste, bath salts and lip balms for her friends and family for many years. As she began to study the healing properties of crystals and essential oils, she began to infuse her products with them! Her passions eventually came together and transformed into a thriving business, featuring “Enlightened Remedies”, that keep many people healthy, happy and feeling radiant. Katie is incredibly intuitive and will CUSTOMIZE Crystal infused products upon request. Her unique products make great gifts too!    

Reiki Master

& Energy Healer

Katie Wise

Ms. Helen Yee, a Gallup Certified Strengths coach with YDN and over 30 years of nonprofit board and organizational experience, brings her Strengths passion to help everyone find the best version of themselves. Her own personal journey in leadership roles in a wide range of business and community-serving organizations provides many real life experiences her audience and clients can relate to enhancing their own professional and personal journey. Ms. Yee’s biggest achievement resulted in a passage of a local ballot measure bringing millions of funding to Sacramento City Libraries. Prior to her work with nonprofits, Ms. Yee was a serial entrepreneur with a broad array of professions ranging from pharmaceutical sales to event planner. Currently, Ms. Yee serves on several local boards including the Sutter Medical Center Foundation, California Museum and Broadway Partnership. Leading with positivity and activator Strengths, Ms. Yee’s presentations are fast moving and highly interactive promising to make an impact on each participants’ personal and professional life.

Strength Coach

Helen Yee

You can join us for one day or two

Saturday's theme is Sacred Living, we will dive into the conversations around living wholeheartedly and creating a life that is fulfilling, spontaneous, joyful, harmonious, fruitful, and in the flow with your self truth.

Sunday's theme is Sacred Purpose, on this day we will be speaking to the inner leader within you. We will deep dive into your passion and the legacy you are here to lead. 

Both days are packed with amazing speakers and life transforming content. We strive as a summit to keep leveling up and we are showing up as mighty this season, so don't miss this beautiful weekend of connection, enlightenment and brilliance.

Full Weekend Premier Ticket $157

  • Premier Seating

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • Two Special Swag items from the Wildflower Summit & your host Joie Kya

  • Three Raffle tickets for each days raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Your choice of book from our speaker library

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

Full Weekend VIP Ticket $127

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A special Swag item from the Wildflower Summit 

  • Two Raffle tickets for each days raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

One Day Ticket $77

Your ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A raffle ticket for our high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

Saturday Line up

The Power of Sisterhood

We will begin our journey together by connecting with each other.

The Self-Loved Leader

Learn to lean into your own Self-Loved energy and walk away connected to the leader you were put here to be.  

Embodying Bhakti through the 8 Limb Path

Divine into the 8 limb path of yoga with Katie. And you don't need a yoga mat.

Life Mastery w/ Crystal Gridding & Sacred Geometry 

Become the biggest influencer in your own business, life and spiritual intentions; enhance your connection with the universal flow of energy.

Transforming your Life with Magical Movement Progressions

Jacque will tell us about reprogramming the body's misalignments in a specific way for optimal health. The body is meant to heal naturally.

Discover the Best You!

Do you want to know how to discover your Strengths? Learn what makes you exceptional and feel empowered to perform better by doing more of what you naturally do best. 

Women of Perfection "Perfectly Imperfect"

A story that will speak to every woman on a mission

Rituals & Routines for living the soul-centered life

Get centered and purposeful with your life in this session of reflection and empowering tools for transformation.

Speaker Panel

Join us in a dynamic conversation with all of the experts together in an engaging Q & A. 

Sunday Line up

Magnetic Leadership

Learn what magnetic leadership is and essential qualities needed that will effectively (& effortlessly) to attract your clients.

Heal it! Write it! Speak it!

When you change your words, you change your story and when you change your story you free yourself to transform your life.

Soul Powered Leader

When we own our truth we begin the journey of the soul-center women. Then we show up seemingly unstoppable and contagious with our leadership.

Girlfriend, Let’s Get Your Goals

Want to move from where you are to where you want to be w/ more momentum and certainty while accelerating your path to your desires then this power packed session is for you. 

Speaker Collaboration Activity

Your speakers come together to raise the roof and vibration!

Get To The Soul of Your Business… and To The Business of Your Soul!

In this transformative talk Teresa leads you into the discovery of the awakened self and what it means to live your soul devotion.

Speaker Panel

Your speakers come together to share more about their business and how they have thrived in life in this fun Q & A.

Closing Ceremony

Every Summit brings profound delightful transformation and connection. We end our magical weekend of connection and learning by honoring our journey and each other. This is by far what the ladies remember as a stand out of the Summit.

Our Vendor's

Our Sponsor's

When it comes to our vendor's at the Wildflower Summit we are very intentional about who we invite to serve you at the next level. We are honored and delighted to have a beautiful group of fem-entrepreneurs this season.

Stay Tuned for our full list of vendor's. 

Here is your ticket breakdown to consider one more time! We highly recommend joining us for the full weekend if you can! We design the flow of talks in a way that will bring you alignment in your life and leadership.

Full Weekend Premier Ticket $157

  • Premier Seating

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • Two Special Swag items from the Wildflower Summit & your host Joie Kya

  • Three Raffle tickets for each days raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Your choice of book from our speaker library

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

Full Weekend VIP Ticket $127

Your VIP ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A special Swag item from the Wildflower Summit 

  • Two Raffle tickets for each days raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

One Day Ticket $77

Your ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A raffle ticket for our high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments and snacks throughout the event

We are supported by a wonderful group of leaders and local businesses this season

Stay Tuned for our full list of soulful sponsor's

If you have any interest in becoming a vendor, speaker, or sponsor for the Wildflower Summit please contact us.

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Continue the Journey

Starting December 1st you can continue the journey by joining our online Sacred Solstice Sisterhood Group!