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Wildflower Summit

Our Theme for the Day:

Embracing Miracles & Magic in our Lives

Join us for our 6th Wildflower Summit on Sunday March 29th for a day of amazing!

Wildflower Summit

Soulful Empowerment

The intention of Wildflower is not only a day of amazing transformation but a community dedicated to each attendee discovering their amazing potential and then delivering it to the world.

Join our community and get immersed in the wonderful world of potential and amazing high-level living that is your birthright. 



We love the magic that happens when like-minded people come together for sacred connection & learning

Our Speakers & Vendors will amaze you!

Wildflower Summit~ Embracing Miracles & Magic in our Lives

Join the transformation sisterhood of the Wildflower Summit for our 6th Season on March 29th 2020 on a journey of soul-center holistic living and purpose in this full day event. Six powerhouse woman are coming together to build a synergistic space where we can come together to align, awaken, and design our life and leadership to the next level. Whether you are seeking connection, enlightenment, inspiration, collaboration, or some self care this unique day of sacred design will fulfill your mind, body, and spirit. 

We know how to have a great time!


What to expect:

  • A days full of inspired sacred conversation around knowing and tapping into our self truth

  • Overcoming abundance and mindset blocks

  • Creating soulful routines and rituals for life and success

  • Conversations to expand your consciousness

  • Awaken your inner passions and align them with your desires

  • Gain self-confidence and clarity to create abundance 

  • Be supported and connect with like-minded individuals

  • Identifying and honoring your story with wisdom

  • Reclaim your power by becoming self-aware and responsible for your actions and outcomes

  • Leave energized and clear on living an optimal life

  • and much more

Your Wildflower Team

Joie is a Soul Weaver, Illuminator, Sacred Space Holder, Strategic Alchemist, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Sacred Collaborator, Soulful Author, Inspirational Speaker, Retreat Leader, Life Blueprint Architect, and the most Grounded Free Spirit you will ever meet. She works with sovereign entrepreneurs to develop a heart centered business and to release blocks that otherwise hold them back from being their authentic selves. Joie also works with the individual seeking more in their lives and works with multiple approaches to help those who seek transformation to reinvent their lives.


The scared gift of collaboration is near and dear to Joie’s soul purpose and call at this season of her life. She works with other great leaders and influencers to create workshops, special events and certification programs for her WildSoul Academy. This is her labor of love and if given the choice would collaborate daily.

Wildflower Founder

Sacred Illuminator


Caterina Rando, serves women on a mission. She mentors women leaders and entrepreneurs on a mission to be their authentic selves while being of service. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community and providing massive value while uplifting others.

Caterina is a sought-after-speaker, prolific workshop and retreat producer and a best-selling author. Her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories.

Caterina is also, the founder of Thriving Women in Business Community and Center in San Francisco. She is also founder of the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. This group of big-hearted women entrepreneurs who raise money for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training. She wants women to know that they do not have to wait until they are wealthy or retired before they can embrace philanthropy. 

Business Coach


Caterina Rando

Linda Shively is a neuroscience and mindset expert, an award-winning speaker, and has presented across the country at places like the Harvard Club of Boston, the New York City Bar Association, Walmart, and Carnegie Hall.


Linda has been a multiple-time guest and a host on cable television, featured in a movie with Winona Ryder and Jeff Daniels, and even performed at the Rose Bowl for over 90,000 people.


After healing from an abusive marriage, and navigating the diagnosis and eventual death of her 3-year-old daughter, Linda found her way to bounce back and reclaim her joy in life. Today she helps successful women tame the dragons in their life, eliminate self-sabotage, and elevate their joy to new levels.


Linda has studied brain and mind function for over 30 years, earning a psychobiology degree from UCLA, is a certified Master Life and Executive Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a Master Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Professional Speaker | Mindset Expert | NLP Master Practitioner

(510) 220-2454

Chief Joy Officer

Linda Shively

Jacque is a motivating, inspiring and fun fitness specialist whose down to earth, straight-forward and warm communication style makes her a favorite speaker.

She is passionate about helping individuals achieve a healthier lifestyle by teaching the tools needed for optimal posture.

Jacque provides clients with specific exercises that they can use and implement right away to get immediate results, as well as, benefit from for years to come.

Jacque has a degree in Exercise Science and is a certified Postural Therapist, Medical Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer with over 40+ years’ experience. She holds 8 certifications in the fitness industry.

Symmetry Practitioner




Denise Schaad is a Spiritual Guide, Intuitive Energy Healer, Artist, Poet and Speaker. Through speaking engagements she has shown women and men how to heal emotionally, physically and spiritually.


A successful Entrepreneur, Denise’s life was changed when she realized that her Business had become her biggest stressors. Her once healthy fit body began to show signs of

undernourishment and breakdown, characterized by her ailing nervous system and a leaky gut she could no longer ignore. Along the way she realized that she was using her addiction to exercise to bury a childhood of emotional and sexual abuse. She realized that ignoring her unresolved emotions all her life led her to breakdown, addiction and illness. Denise learned energy healing techniques, dove into a serious practice of meditation, and a daily devotional practice that transformed her life.


A soon to be Author Denise weaves together a willingness to explore the unknown with art and poems that allow women and men to explore the truth of who they are. LOVE ! As a speaker Denise inspires others to cultivate self-love.

Spiritual Guide &

 Intuitive Energy Healer

Denise Schaad

Dr. Jenni comes from a unique background, rooted in science and research, transformed into health and fitness, and evolved into connecting the mind and body. She lives by and empowers others to discover when the mind believes, the body will achieve. She strongly believes in the power of the mind, the healing powers of the earth, and is on a mission to get people to unplug, move, and heal.

Dr. Jenni combines her education in Psychology, Neuroscience (PhD), and Health Coaching with her experience as a personal trainer, triathlon coach, and former professional triathlete to create comprehensive wellness programs for lifestyle changes.

Dr. Jenni created Total Wellness with Dr. Jenni to help people bring awareness to the bigger picture of health by examining their life as a whole. She creates programs that are highly individualized, incorporate fitness, nutrition, and stress management, and are guided by her support and coaching. She offers comprehensive programs as well as individual services such as personal/small group training, SMART goal planning, nutrition consultations, vision board & visualization workshops and more. She shares her knowledge and loves to learn from others as she hosts monthly seminars on wellness-related topics. Become empowered to live the life of wellness that you desire.


of Total Wellness

Jenni Pottebeam

a dynamic, intuitive, Empowerment Expert, Teen Life Coach, Speaker and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She earned a Master’s degree in Education became a Reading Specialist and also worked for over 20 years teaching grades K-12.  Being an entrepreneur since she was 16 years old, she jumped at the opportunity to become a TV Host and produced her own show called, “Life on Purpose” which airs on WBTVN.TV. Carolyn has been featured in magazines, TV and radio with the “The Good Life Show,” and “Elevate Radio.” As a high school English teacher she transformed the lives of youth from gangs and jail with her Poetry-Therapy/Healing Hearts Program. Carolyn is also a published Poet and has written college curriculum as well as best sellers as a Ghost Writer. 

With a deep passion for the Healing Arts Carolyn brings peace to the chaos, light to the truth and healing to the pain. Carolyn upscales her client’s health, relationships & business with cutting-edge techniques in her Maximize Your Brilliance program to Reboot & Recharge Your Life.

Empowerment Expert

Carolyn McGraw

 Premier Summit Ticket $97

  • Premier Seating

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • Two Special Swag items from the Wildflower Summit & your host Joie Kya

  • Three Raffle tickets for our raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Your choice of book from our speaker library

  • Refreshments, lunch & snacks throughout the event

Summit Ticket $77

Your ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a bag full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A raffle ticket for our high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments, lunch and snacks throughout the event

The Summit Line up

The Wild Feminine

There is an important call on your life are you listening sistar?

Shaping Minds, Shaping Bodies

Focus on the healing benefits that daily movement and physical activity bring to your body and mind. Jenni will help you connect mind with movement and visualize yourself in a healthy, renewed state.

The Magic and Joy of Alignment

 The body is meant to heal naturally if given the opportunity.

The Power of Breath

The ladies of Sacred Living w/ Joy & Grace will teach us the daily flow practice that you can apply to your morning routine.

Let's Play

Embrace your joy with a fun Laughter Yoga session with Linda & Jacque

Spiritual Awakening Ignite your Sensual Warrior

In this talk this is where you will discover you as a spiritual being.

Making Room for Miracles & Magic

In this talk Joie Kya will guide you on a journey of self discovery into how you are walking through the day to day. 

Closing Ceremony

Every Summit brings profound delightful transformation and connection. We end our magical weekend of connection and learning by honoring our journey and each other. This is by far what the ladies remember as a stand out of the Summit.

Our Vendor's

Our Sponsor's

When it comes to our vendor's at the Wildflower Summit we are very intentional about who we invite to serve you at the next level. We are honored and delighted to have a beautiful group of fem-entrepreneurs this season.

Stay Tuned for our full list of vendor's. 

Sacred Living Products

Sacred Living Podcast

Our Community

Here is your ticket breakdown to consider one more time! We highly recommend joining us for the full weekend if you can! We design the flow of talks in a way that will bring you alignment in your life and leadership.

Premier Summit Ticket $97

  • Premier Seating

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a canvas tote full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • Two Special Swag items from the Wildflower Summit & your host Joie Kya

  • Three Raffle tickets for our raffle of high vibe prizes

  • Your choice of book from our speaker library

  • Refreshments, lunch & snacks throughout the event

Summit Ticket $77

Your ticket includes:

  • Wildflower Swag Bag~a bag full of gifts from our vendors and speakers

  • A raffle ticket for our high vibe prizes

  • Refreshments, lunch and snacks throughout the event

We are supported by a wonderful group of leaders and local businesses this season

Stay Tuned for our full list of soulful sponsor's

If you have any interest in becoming a vendor, speaker, or sponsor for the Wildflower Summit please contact us.

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