Unbound Soul Course

Our Intention 

In this course we play with the delightful energies of soul as we explore our sacred space within. This course is filled with simple approaches by tapping into our energy and the earth to create magic and wonder in our lives.

We awaken you to be sensitive and curious around how you show up in the world and for yourself. We move through the energies of mind, body, and soul to unlock blocks and create beauty and liberation within. 

We complete deep work to energetically and physically clear, expand, and recalibrate a divine existence. We begin by detoxing ourselves emotionally and mentally. Making room for a renewed and redefined version of self. 

We then move into creating an energy rich life through rewiring and building new ways of seeing ourselves. We go deep into transforming you and the environment that you live to align with your soul and have a sacred space to live authentically. 

Finally, we unlock the manifestation and abundance codes that have been blocked. We then call deep and powerful energetic wealth into your life by writing and creating your own owners manual for life.

Are you ready?

The Sacred Container

  • Sacred Monthly Trainings in addition to the course 

  • Private Session with each of your teachers ​( 2 one hour sessions)

  • Collaboration with other Students

  • 15 Modules of course work available to move through at your own pace.

  • Full Moon Intuition & Soul Activation Sessions​

  • High Touch Access to your teachers​

  • Private Platform and Community.

  • Six months full access to the course and practitioner portal

  • Downloadable Material

  • Certificate of Completion 

  • Completion opens Level Two of Soul Leadership Program

You will experience

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Bird Silhouettes
Untitled design (41).png
Bird Silhouettes

Sacred Keystones of the Journey

Energy Rich Living

Keystones of  the Soul

Intuition Development

Energetic Codes

Unbinding Wounds

Upon our completion each student will receive a certification of completion.

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Bird Silhouettes
Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of the elem


This space is sacred and special. It opened up a whole new side of myself. It was like a new door that I never knew existed. That souls that are drawn to their work are truly magical and amazing.


Joie has a gift in facilitating the right people into a group, there is something magical in working with people who are on the same journey and have the strength to be vulnerable around you, and lifting you up when you share your story. 

What Students are Saying

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The Investment

Bird Silhouettes

  • In this course we commit to the work and soul journey by bringing our energy into the work and the practitioner portal weekly.

  • Communicate with your teachers and reach out when you are feeling the need for clarification and guidance.

  • Complete course work within the six month timeframe

  • Communicate any challenges or foreseen delays in completing the work.

Financial Investment

One time payment of $397


four payments of $111 

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Listen to Joie & Theresa talk about this course and why they have decided to do this work at this time.

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