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Often as a business owner we discover that we can go it alone for a while, but at some point we feel the call to work with a coach, take a course, or join a community of like minded individuals. This can be great in theory, but this is often a challenge. How do you know what to sign up for? How do you find others that have the same desire in their hearts to do meaningful work? Should I hire a coach, join a mastermind, or take a workshop? I too had to ask myself the same questions.

This is how I came to the conclusion that a coach-led mastermind can give you the benefits of all three approaches. In this group you have the benefits of a coach, a high vibe peer group, and skill-set building and development.  All of our Soulfire Mastermind groups are created  to build your skill set, get clear on your direction and lean into other experts who truly understand where you are and where you are headed. 

If you are looking at the next 6 to 12 months and are trying to navigate how you can grow and scale your business in a soul-centered way, increase your revenue, take your business to the next level?  Then you have found a place where you can turn up your light on the world and allow it to shine brighter then ever!

How does this sound so far? If you are thinking this could be for you. then scroll down to learn more!




Bringing like-minded women together to grow a business that is soulful and meaningful. 

Why this Mastermind?​

  •  A group of  High Vibe Soul-Centered Business Bestie's who are real & authentic.

  • We get real about our businesses and create the opportunity to develop tactical and creative strategies.

  •  Embrace and leverage your strengths and create strategies that come from the heart of who you are

  • Guidance and feedback on a variety of topics like: goal setting, strategic planning, marketing, financial strategies, leadership, speaking, and much more.

  • No more DIY as we share and hold nothing back in our steps to success

  • Overcome mindset blocks and business hurdles with a great support structure.

  • All participants are committed to growth and understand what it takes to have a successful mastermind.

  • Accountability Accountability Accountability



The Breakdown

Our Next Soulfire Mastermind Begins April 2020

We are looking for 4 to 6 dynamic female soulprenuers to join us!


What you get!

Monthly Soulfire Business Training with Joie ~ This is a 2 hour Soulfire Mastermind only live training on Zoom that will amplify your level of business savvy, teach new skill sets to level up your business growth, and dial in your mindset as a soulprenuer.

Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Joie~ In these 45 minute sessions we will spend sometime coaching you through any areas of opportunity in your role as a leader. These calls are always highly impactful and are offered even in our mastermind group program so that we can continue the focus of personal discovery and growth.

Weekly Mastermind Session~ Here you will take turns talking and getting strategic in your business with your fellow peers. You not only receive great insight but will also help other soulprenuers in their businesses. This is were the real magic happens, trust and friendships are built and these women will know your business on deep levels. The longer we mastermind together the stronger we become and that translates to being unstoppable with your business growth.

Two Soulfire Calls with Joie~ In the day to day we hit small hurdles and these calls are just for those moments. You have access to your coach for two 30 minute calls per month. These calls are meant for in the moment and will be schedule as quickly as possible so you can have your mini breakthroughs and keep moving in your day!

Now it's time for you to decide! Can you see yourself taking advantage of such a unique and amazing opportunity?

Here is the Commitment Details:

Be Accountable

Be Coachable

Keep an Open-Mind

Be Dedicated to Growth

Bring the highest version of you to the group!

Cost is $247 per month with a 3 month minimum commitment! 


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You are not alone, just like you we all need to connect with others on a soul driven mission.

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