Soulfire Business Sessions

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The Breakdown


This is a mighty call to all of you who are soulfully showing up and asking how may I serve?

The following offerings are available for the business leaders and soul entrepreneurs who are wildly driven and soul-centered in their intention to serve.

Strategic Soulfire Session

These sessions blend intuitive insights with practical, everyday actions, focused on your life path, purpose and unique work wanting to come through you authentically. If you are wanting to get real clear on the next steps in your career and need help figuring out how to make it happen, then this is the session for you. You’ll leave with the steps to take and to bring alignment into your life and get back on track to the greater vision in your life, with a great blend of soul and strategy. This is a great option for an established business owner or leader who is seeking counsel to create the next steps for their soul-centered direction in their lives and business. If you think you may have interest in working long-term please look at the Sacred Business Mentorship where we work together to do this work and beyond.

2 Hrs~ $200

Purposeful Path Soul Strategy Session

 Is this type of session right for you?

Are you feeling called to live your purpose, but needing help to figure out what that is? Are you a creative, passion-led soul-centered business owner, or an all round purpose-driven person, working on bringing through something special and needing a little help to bring it to life? Whether you know your path or are still searching for it? Then this is a session for you. The unique gift inside of you is waiting to be shared with the world & will come to light in one of these sessions, along with the Soul-Aligned Action Steps to take, to bring it through you and into the world. It's time to bring forth the truth of who you are. Just as each person has a soul and energy field, so too do our businesses, creative projects and life's work. We'll work direct with its guidance to steer you forward.


What to expect in a Purposeful Path Soul Strategy Session:

Let’s get you primed and ready to live the fullness of who you were born to be. We’ll zoom in to the lessons, gifts and purpose you’re here to experience as well as what may be preventing their realization right now. Sometimes our time will be spent clearing the way to find your truth; Other times, we’ll go straight to the heart of your purpose. If you choose the full immersion, we can begin working on the Soul-Aligned Action Steps immediately, together through a mentorship. Although, this session is designed to be of such great impact that just one session will have you clear and in tune with your divine purpose and know exactly what to do next.

90 Mins~$150

Sacred Business Mentorship

When you are looking for a illuminative mentorship experience to take you and your soul-centered business to the next level, then it's time for a strategic soulful energy investment. This is a heart centered business training with strategy and powerful catapult business coaching commitment . We will dive into specific training's that are uniquely focused on your business expansion so you may serve at a higher level. You will ignite your reach to your ideal clientele by voicing your message with clear magnetic intention by using your soul-magic and powerful clear action. We will also review your brand and revamp as needed to be clear in your sacred  soulful branding  that is natural and in alignment with who you are and what your business offers.  During our time together you will receive energetic and  spiritual growth to become a pillar in the soulful business arena. When you mentor with me you will also recieve my other services during our time together including healings and the purposeful path soul strategy session. There are two levels of commitment either 3 or 6 months.

Want to inquire?  We will send you an application and a detailed outline of what to expect.

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Starting @ $375 a month

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