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Let's Work Together...
This is my sacred invitation to you..

This is that big moment...

This is your time to shift your focus and to show up in the world in a deeper way. It's time to get out of the same day to day routine and begin living full out. 

It's my call to serve and be a soul guide for beautiful souls like you.

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When you join the Tarot course you have the opportunity to add a private intuitive session from Joie. Spaces are limited so take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

In this one hour session we will create a unique reading just for you.
I use many styles of tools such as numerology, tarot, shamanic astrology, and the akashic records to weave the messages that are being transmitted for you at this season of your life. 

The Special Holiday Price is....$333 for the course & reading or
7 payments of $55. 

You can grab this special opportunity here

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Listen & Review

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I'm Joie Kya

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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your purpose. 

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