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What you need to know before you leap

We are talking about the big transitions personally and professionally that we all are faced with from time to time. What I’ve learned about stepping into entrepreneurship and big transitions in my life is that it’s never easy. There are pitfalls that come with the territory and it’s impossible to avoid them. Maybe you have been considering a big leap and have been hesitating, my friend this episode is for you.

Let’s get real, we all move through change on a regular basis. Sometimes we become frozen in the unknowns and this is where the following points can make a great difference. We are going to look at the three things you want to keep in mind as you leap and take the risk to live and dream big. Let’s dig in.

Your Desire is Real

Our first point is, YES…your desire is real. We feel a calling and yet we are afraid to move and lean into it. We procrastinate and wait and wait, we fail to act on our desire. In return, dis-ease begins to build. You may be able to shove it down and act as if it doesn’t exist, but the energy is building, and the universe is conspiring to meet your desire. So, guess what happens? Your wish is granted which can sometimes mean total destruction and chaos in your life. You see, we can see and act on our desire or we can avoid it. Either way, the universe will meet you because it is your birthrite to feel and act on the call of your passions and desires.

Comparing Your Beginning with Someone Else's Peak!

One of the greatest snags we find ourselves in before we leap is when we compare ourselves to someone’s peak results with our beginning. This is a waist of time and its easy for us to look over and see that we don’t have what they have…That can lead to us thinking that we can’t leap. Imposter Syndrome is real!!! We begin to have an internal dialog like I’m not educated enough, I’m not ready, I’m not good enough etc. The truth is, the journey takes time. There is no overnight success, so trust the process and just begin and put your metaphoric blinders on. This is when you vision for you is the most important thing you can see.

All In Vs. Strategic

As you are getting ready to take the leap how will you approach it. There are those of us who are All In and then there are those who are very Strategic in how they execute their leap. I like a blend of both and that is to get a plan, make sure you have some vision of where you are headed and then be All In and act as if it’s all or nothing. When we decide to jump into the unknown there is this important moment where you risk it all …it’s time for you to leap… and on the other side lives your desires and dreams. That moment often feels horrible, like you can’t breathe and you are making a big mistake. But the truth is, you have what it takes..but we must learn to believe we have what it takes. So be all in if that’s your personality or be strategic and plan before you execute your plan. But do it!!!

Ultimately, we all are faced with taking a leap in life from time to time. As an entrepreneur I’ve been faced with many changes, upgrades and leaps. We all deserve to begin and level up, and you need to listen to your inner compass and trust that your desire will guide you. Muster up a little grit and trust yourself enough to take that leap that is going to change your life. We do a lot of this work in our Soul Leadership Program and I would love if you checked it out Here! We are accepting students now!

Until Next Time

xoxo Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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