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The Beauty of Women in Community-Sisterhood Society

Why do we choose community? We all have seasons in our lives when we seek out a group of like individuals. We started when we were young and although we grow up and independent, we all have a call to relate and connect with others. Sometimes our adulting life get's in the way. We tell ourselves we can go it alone, and so. We are bringing in a conversation to address one of the biggest challenges we face as strong capable fierce females...Yep..We think we can do it all! On the surface we understand its important to ask for help and to lean in on our besties when life gets challenging. In this podcast Joie dives deep into the 3 keys of why community is a transformative decision in your life and business.

The beauty of women in community is breathtaking for me. There is a special magic that happens when I hold space with a group of powerful women. I'm elevated and in awe of their contagious magic and their unstoppable, tenacious, courageous spirits. I mean have you ever been in a room like that? If not, I invite you to find it. It is both life changing and inspiring. It will kick your ass to lean into the dreams that live within you. It's healing and motivating to see it first hand.

9 months ago I had a lightening strike of divine inspiration. It was a hot Summer day in the northern California mountains where I live. I was enjoying the sun out on my back porch, I assumed it would be like the days before it. Another day of creating space in my mind and heart. The intention for the space was to figure out what was next for me. You see, I had spent the past 18 months repeating the same habit. Meditate, journal, listen to audiobooks and podcast, and wait…wait for the inspiration to come.

If you want to know more you can listen to myLionsgate Podcast Episode Here And so, like a lightening strike, everything lit up! You know the kind of light bulb moment, its like your standing in the middle of a field under a dark moon and all of a sudden lightening strikes the ground nearby. When it hits the whole sky and land light up and you can see for miles all around you. The landscape that was once a mystery is clear and you know exactly where you are and where you are going…

The one word answer I received on that day, COMMUNITY, and with that I could see it all. Leaders , CEO's and women in business coming together to support each other, to rise and break through glass ceilings together. And on that day, I created what would become the WAVE Society, and eventually my mentorship work started to level up too, like the Sacred Business Incubator & the Impact & Legacy Mastermind.

It seems my entire life I've been seeking and bringing community into my own life. I can think back to my teenage years and being part of a dance community and performing together. Even when I had the opportunity to go it solo I eventually brought in other dancers to perform with because going it alone did awaken my spirit. It had nothing to do with the performance. It was the hours of rehearsals that created the desire to collaborate and achieve together. As the years have gone by I have built teams and a business on community. And here's something to note for those of you who are introverts, I am too in so many ways. I need time and space to think, create and explore my life and the world. In my opinion community just makes us better along the way.

After three seasons of developing and running the WAVE Society I wanted to share what I believe are the 3 most powerful reasons/transformations you receive when you join a community. These 3 Keys will make a huge impact on your life and can catapult you into your next upgrade. Here they are:

Collaboration over Competition

  • There's beauty in stepping outside of ourselves and encouraging someone instead of comparing ourselves to them.

  • Community enables us to encourage and support others as they pursue their dreams and goals.

  • We all struggle with comparison or competition with others.

  • We slow our own grow and dim our own light measuring ourselves up against one another.

  • Fight comparison against others who are in the same line of work, like speaking, writing, and podcasting. Be celebrating them and learning from them.

Uplevel Your Life & Business

A Mentor Is.....Someone who is living at such a high level of aliveness that being around them lifts and motivates us to live at a higher level too.They don't have to give us anything specific, just their energy, zeal for life, and non-negotiable integrity captivate's us.They are authentic and seemingly unstoppable at living their very own version of awesome.

I wrote the above many years ago to address our need to give and give of ourselves until there is nothing left. In fact, I believe those words came to me for me to hear at a time when I equated my worth on how much time and energy I gave to another. What the above clarifies is that when we show up and live our best life we serve higher and greater than we could ever imagine. In fact, there isn't enough hours and days you could give to anyone or anything that could match the impact and love legacy you leave when you show up and serve from your heart.

When we come into community, we have the opportunities to show up raw and authentic. We learn to trust other women and hear their dreams and stories too. We began to see their magic and that reflects back to us so we can see our own.

Rising Together, Get's Us Their Faster

Looking back to that day 9 months ago and recalling that moment, I remember the feeling that washed over me. it was something different and unique. I was a vision for the kind of community that had never existed in my life before. It was time to create an unconditional container for us to grow and rise together. To help each other elevate and go to the next level in our lives. To truly support each other to a greater future.

It has been an honor to create WAVE Society, as July quickly approaches and our one year anniversary gets closer I am delighted as we continue to evolve and grow this community. One of the best parts is that when I wonder how we will grow into the next year I don't have to figure it out alone. Nope, community allows me to ask who can assist us in our growth.

I encourage to check out WAVE Society :

What we do...

We are bringing powerful women together to encourage and inspire each other. To be real and raw...share the struggle and the success!

We exist because we are not meant to do it alone. Whether you are a seasoned CEO or you're just beginning your journey this space will offer you community, network, B2B support, education, and growth. We need each other to thrive and to move to the next level, we need support and a roadmap, and that's the vision we hold within this space. We are part referral network( yes, you will get more business), part creative collaboration hub, part business school, and a place for personal development & mindset growth with a sprinkle of the mystical.

If Wave isn't for you that's absolutely okay, find the community that you seek and want in your life. We need each other more than we realize. Thank you for reading this article and be sure to check out the podcast episode where I go into further detail on the topic here...


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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