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Tarot cards have been a companion throughout my journey. As well as using them professionally, I have used them as a tool for clarity, self reflection and as part of my daily practice. Here’s the fun thing, I also use them in my business each and every day. Keep reading to learn why and how.

I have enjoyed playing in the world of Tarot and Oracle cards. The word oracle comes from the latin Orare which means ‘to pray’ or ‘to speak’ and refers to communication from the divine. Tarot were originally meant to play a bridge like card game called tarocchi in the mid 15th century. Tarot's beautiful archetypal imagery was pick up as a tool for the many stages of life and eventually became the decks we see today.

Oracle cards have grown in popularity in the past twenty years and are a more modern interpretation of Tarot. Each one is unique in artistry and theme, they don’t hold the same structure as the Tarot, which always has 78 cards, divided into four suits: swords, cups, pentacles and wands. But each one holds a bit of delight within their intention. Tarot although structured has evolved greatly and I love discovering new creators for these cards on Etsy(going down the rabbit hole). Click here to get my list of favorite decks and tools.

My first experience with Tarot was to develop my intuition, which prior to working with Tarot was all over the place. My intuitive abilities started to cause havoc in my life, popping up at the most uncomfortable moments. I share this story in my new podcast episode, you can listen to it here…

Today I use both oracle and tarot as tools of guidance, self development and abundance. I have spent over 25 years with both types of decks and have fallen in love with their ability to always show me a path to take. Mostly, these divination tools help me remember my truth in those moments when I am a bit lost or questioning my next action.

In my new podcast on this topic I share in more detail on how I use Tarot each day in my business. In this episode I share my favorite tool for doing this….An amazing tarot journal and calendar that I absolutely love. It’s a brand called WRITUAL go to the shop here and use code JOIE to receive 15% off.

I have read tarot to thousands, yes, thousands! And I have read professionally for over a decade. My multi passionate heart has moved through many phases and seasons from working as a spiritual guide, to meditation teacher, to intuitive, to community builder, magic practitioner, to shaman, to helping others create their own dream businesses. Tarot and Oracle have taught me to trust my journey and to allow for my evolution into what’s next. I will always offer my readings to my clients and students in some capacity, how could I not, its so deeply woven into all that I am.

It’s tricky to get a private reading with me as I have move most of my intention into my beautiful community called WAVE Society….Click here to find out more.

In fact, I have taken this offering off of my website for the past three years until now. Well, almost now…Next week, November 24th I will be bringing a new offering for a very limited time. I am making room for my friends to sign up for intuitive sessions with me. Yes, I love doing this work, and I want to make room to do the thing that started this whole journey of entrepreneurship. I love love love giving readings. And here is the thing…I am also dropping my new course on learning Tarot. Yes, friend. It’s true. I have been asked many times in the past decade to give you all a course on the topic of learning tarot and growing your intuition..Your WISH IS MY HONOR ! And that too will be available Nev 24th!

All you need to do is join the waitlist here if you want first access to my limited number of readings. Hear me, this will only be offered this one time for the next year! I have so many amazing things happening in my business that I just can’t offer them all of the time. As a bonus you will have the option to buy my new Tarot training course at a reduced almost free price. Yes, it’s your opportunity to learn and get a private session with me.

I’ve teased you enough…Join the waitlist here and I will send you a special invitation to get your order in before the cart opens on November 24th. I am thrilled to see you in the course and for you to grab one or two of only 25 private intuitive sessions I will be offering until next Fall.


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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