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Stop Negotiating These 5 Things

Let’s put a line in the sand and commit to creating boundaries in these five areas of our life. We do it for ourselves, not for the rest of the world. We do it, so we can show up empowered, authentic with fullness and aliveness. We choose to put ourselves as a priority, we choose self-love and care…Is this something you desire more of? Then say no more.

In this mini blog and podcast episode we are talking about the 5 non-negotiables that I believe will create room and space for you to do all the things you are called here to do. We commit to seeing our blind spots and embrace the importance of showing up even when its tough. So, let’s dive in and ask ourselves where we can make some pivots in our lives in these five areas.

Number One

TIME…Before we look at our calendars, let’s first recognize how precious time truly is. When we allow ourselves to honor the ability to contribute and show up in the ways we desire, we honor our time. Reflecting and investigating what steals our time and what honors our time. Making adjustments to have the greatest impact with our personal time and when we are of service. Notice when your produce the most? Is it a time of day, time of month, time of year? Knowing your high creative and action time is something we must value and leverage to create traction in our lives. Whether its business, art, know when you are in your highest vibration and can make the greatest impact is like having the Midas touch…Everything you touch and put your love into will turn to gold dust!

Number Two

TRUTH…Make room to know yourself. If we don’t create space to listen and flow with our inner knowing, we rob ourselves of being in our full alignment. Things like meditation, exercise, journaling, spending time with a coach or mentor will make some of the greatest impact. In turn, you will lead your life from a place of sovereignty and integrity that is unmatched.

Number Three

VOICE…Speak Up Sistar! It’s not how much you say, it’s what you say that matters. Honor your voice, show up for you. Advocate, elevate and break through your fears by leaning into what feels good and is your truth..say it unapologictally, authentically, you get the point…The gift of discernment is also a valued gift of this non-negotiable. Knowing what and when to speak is a powerful gift one can bring into their life and journey with others.

Number Four

VISION…Get clear on what makes you happy…truly happy! Fulfillment, excitement comes when you lean into your dreams and desires. We have this one life to show up as this unique version of this life blueprint. What are you here to do? Give yourself the gift of clarity, keep life simple and potent. We are manifestors of our life, create intentionally.

Number Five

VIBRANCY…Aliveness, high levels of energy and being seemingly unstoppable comes as a side effect of living full out. When we live our best life, we teach others to do it too. That is living vibrantly. Become the role models that inspire you for another, but the key to this attracting others to notice is for you to do it for you first every single day! Get lit and live brightly.

If you took one of these areas and made it a focus for the next month you would see a huge shift in your life. You would become a bit more selfish with your energy and how you harness it. It is a powerful thing to witness. I speak in detail about this in the podcast episode..listen here!

Until Next Time, XOXO

Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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