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My Exact Guide to Finding Your Voice!

Whether you seek clarity for business or life its essential for each of us to find our truth and within it our voice. What I mean by this, is to be fully raw, authentic and unapologetic about you. To show up in a real way without the fancy filters we often put on thinking we won’t be accepted if we don’t. This translates to us being a yes person and a go with the flow kinda friend. Boring!!! Sorry my friend, its true…if you aren’t speaking your truth these days you will get lost in the noise. Because there is a ton of it out there. So, let’s dive in to how you can find your voice and I’m giving you a powerful tool that will be a game changer indeed!

Before I give you the tool, let’s define what I mean by your voice. Your voice is your truth, it’s the guiding force within you. It’s a collection of your experiences and yet it also has purity to it. It isn’t influenced by opinions and societal norms. In fact, it’s a bit of a rebel and trailblazer, because your voice is the true you. The you that you came here to be, that something special that is unique. It’s the wisdom from your lessons and it’s the judge of your life and the world you see. It is also defined as your boundaries, dreams and desires. It’s what drives you along your path in life.

So, what do you desire? What do you really want? Be with those questions for a few moments, because how you answer them matters. Here is the thing, you may first answer those powerful questions with a highly influenced answer from what the world tells us we need…like a perfect partner, children, car, promotion etc..but those aren’t the results of your inner self. We are powerful manifestors of life. In fact, today you are manifesting tomorrow and even five years from now. Every moment of every day we are thinking and acting, and those thoughts and behaviors are forming our reality. We are never stuck with our lot in life. We are defined by what we truly believe, so how do we lose our voice? Some where along our journey (probably child

hood) we stopped listening to our inner voice. Although we have turned away from that inner knowing what’s so magical is that she gets through from time to time. We see that spark of deep truth and we act on it and the magic of life strikes like lightening in a darkened sky…It opens our hearts and we can see the bigger picture; we can navigate any obstacle. Do you know that feeling? When every challenge you face feels like a small grain of sand? It’s that feeling and voice that I want to remind you of today. Because that is where we discover you. Let’s learn my favorite tool to tap into your true voice.

How does one connect to their true voice?

To call presence to your inner voice we must come into a centered place of quiet. To turn down all the noise and tune into your inner knowing. I like to use what I call the Heart Check. In this mindfulness practice I can tune into my intellect and intuition and find a beautiful balance between the two. It’s there that I can hear my highest version of me. My higher self, the one that has the wisdom and a deeper understanding of my souls’ quest in this life. The one who truly knows what it is that brings happiness. This may sound a little over the top, but it’s a simple practice that has helped me countless times in business and my relationships.

One of the first things we need to understand is what it feels like to listen to our inner knowing/higher self/heart. Part of the puzzle is to know what the other part of you feels and sounds like. The part of you that is coming from fear, worry, comparison..this is the part of you that is afraid and trying to please everyone. Trying to reach and achieve things that will most likely have you feeling empty and less than. What is truly fulfilling to one is not always the answer for another. This is why your dreams and desires are so important to the puzzle of your truth. What’s also magical, is how your truth evolves and is forever changing. Sometimes a specific path or choice you make is only for a short season and others a lifetime. The key is to trust that one decision leads to another and it’s the compilation of it all that truly creates the masterpiece. I am including a link to my Heart Check Guided Meditation on the SoundCloud platform so you can listen to it as many times as you would like.

In this exercise, you will be guided to feel into the difference of coming from the heat versus coming from the mind. This simple process will help you tune in and listen deeply to your inner voice. When you take this exercise and apply it you will make your decisions that matter most from a calm centered place. We build trust that within us lives a heart compass that is helping us navigate the journey of life. From this space we can feel what is real and authentic. We can let go what no longer serves us and walk away from that which is toxic.

As a result of completing the Heart Check exercise you will discover inner peace and knowing. You will hopefully trust the experience and be able to have some clarity on an area of your life that has been a bit hard to see in the past. That clarity can and will propel you into speaking your truth and the more you do this, the more of your true voice will be revealed. As a soul leader and educator, I have found that when I come from this higher place within me, I fear much less, and I take decisive action in my life that often feels like a catapult. It’s with that trust that I began this blog and pressed record for my first podcast episode. It’s saying yes to the things that you know are leading you the right direction. It's learning to rewire and rewild our humanness to become masterful at life.

It’s time! Press the link and receive the meditation in your inbox and then take some time to vision quest and journal your experience and takeaways.

Blessings Beauty,

Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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