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The Art of Self Presentation w/ DeAnna Dupree. Best Practices for Showing up in Business Spaces.

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with Wardrobe Stylist DeAnna Dupree on the WildSoul Academy Podcast recently. She is a change maker who serves at such a high level with her clients and in many communities. She helps high-achieving women entrepreneurs make bold first and lasting impressions with a polished wardrobe that turns heads, and attracts dream clients. Being that DeAnna is a life and empowerment coach. Her personal story of overcoming self-hate, self sabotage, and brokeness, gives her powerful insight into how to lead her clients into living in abundant life through embracing and unleashing their divine feminine power, and Beauty.

Wardrobe Stylist DeAnna Dupree

In the episode we talked about the three tools for successful women and that is to show up, stand out, and get noticed. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode above and take notes my friend, because yes it is that juicy. Here are the big Aha's that I took from our talk.

Identify Your Audience

What room are you stepping into? What are they about and what's important to them? Then we must ask ourselves what we have in common with them. It's important to still be authentically you, but keep in mind it's also key to show your audience that you are like them too. How can you share that verbally, physically and how you present yourself.

Style DNA Best Practice

DeAnna was part of a study at Columbia on how what we look like impacts our lives. They were saying lasting first impressions are 8% what we say, 36% how we sound and 56% is how we look. First of all, you can have fun. There's so many different places to have fun with your presentation, right? When you go for, like, a dinner or the lunch and the daytime, sure. Because they already mentioned I love you and I can really can blossom right? And like, really show out. But if you're really going after leaders who are running Bank of America and all these big, you know, big brands and she's going to judge you, of course, for that 2 seconds. But remember, it'sit's how you look. Because they'rethey'rethey're looking at. Can you represent can. We put our brand on this. Can they stand up in, in, for and and wear my brand? Right. Is this person worthy of? I always ask my clients. Does your image match your invoice? We gotta make sure that we are saying to them. I'm what you've been looking for.

Dressing to Manifest the Life You Want

We give money to people that look like us. If you want to call your ideal clients to you, think about who's across the table or in the room. Do we mirror them? And are mirroring right? Is this person totally oppositely, outrageous or we can't relate or do they relate with me that they understand and why is that? You know the importance of wearing this works, they think I would be happy to do business with someone that modeled me and cared about what I care about. This is so important for us to know as business women, whether we're entrepreneurs or, you know or C-Suite executives.

It's human nature for us to to, to scan someone, to identify if they are a threat or if they're going to be of help to me and especially when there's someone coming in to join your team. Or someone to become a partner or even a client. You can feel it. Like uh, we don't really match. I can already feel. It's right because someone that I love. Or will or would bring on. Wouldn't do this. Wouldn't wear this, wouldn't.

This is just a small tidbit of all the goodness we discussed. Check out the full episode that is truly a masterclass on how to show up, stand out and get noticed.

Deanna Has A Gift For you HERE


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