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Making Spirituality Accessible- A Conversation with Sheila Ellis of Writual Planner.

O my Goddess! How lucky I am to connect with Sheila Ellis and her company Writual. She is taking the Tarot world on in such a beautiful way and I just know you will love her products and be inspired by her story.

Sheila is the ultimate creator, with a background in design she did what so many brilliant inventors have done before her. She saw a need and decided to create it for herself. Before she knew it, she was producing a product and bam! She was in business! This conversation was so real and authentic and I loved getting to learn more about the heart and spirit of the intention for this up and coming brand.

"Were Journaling, Were Writing...It's the process of coming to this practice everyday... WRITUAL! Writing and Ritual!"

As the founder of what now is quickly becoming a soul brand, Sheila is listening to her customers and in just three short years has developed not just a product, but also a community with Writual Society, curating tarot decks and featuring other creators on her website. This down to earth visionary is giving us a peak at her why and how she is building her company to serve us in our spiritual practice of Tarot and so much more.

Be sure to listen to the full episode Here

I am so in love with Writual that I am recommending the journal tool to all of my clients who work with Tarot. It has been a beautiful addition to my morning ritual and even when I miss a day or two..I know it will be there for me to come back to and reflect. Get your copy for 2023 Here!

Writual Planner is based on a simple premise: to make the spiritual accessible - for everyone, everyday.

We want to help those on their spiritual journey who:

  • are too busy, but still want to squeeze in time for themselves.

  • are unsure where to start.

  • have been doing this for years but want a new way to connect with their practice.

  • are ready to make their practice fun and pleasurable!

As a tarot enthusiast and graphic designer, Sheila craved a simple, beautiful solution to her tarot journaling needs. After endless searching, She decided to make her own, and Writual Planner was born.

As they continue to grow, so do their offerings for your spiritual practice, including Tarot decks, Runes, Astrological Birth Charts, candles, crystals, home goods and more!

They're are absolutely thrilled to bring this simple, daily spiritual practice into your life with the help of Writual Planner.

How is your self care practice? Like Really?

I think we all need a bit of guidance. A place to connect with other likeminded soul seekers... Doors Open to Writual Society on Dec 21st.

Click here to get on the mailing list to get your reminder to enroll!

Here's all the ways you can connect with Sheila and Writual..

Writual Society (open for enrollment Dec 21-31)

IG + FB @writualplanner


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