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Does Quitting Mean you Failed?

We all have had that one moment when we just can’t do that thing any longer. That moment when we say I am done, I quit, I’m moving on. Whether it’s a personal or professional decision or both, it’s never an easy journey to get to that moment. Ultimately, it is often uncomfortable and can have some shame or guilt attached to it.. Yuck! Right friend…

No one wants to be a we are looking at it and talking about the thing that we often avoid at all cost. Yes..let’s talk quitting.

When do you know it’s okay to Quit?

Giving ourselves space to quit is an empowering act. I mean, if you think about the programing from school as I young child, we were told to never quit. That we had to at least try. But how does that truly translate into adulthood? Well I have an answer…it makes us feel guilt and shame. Well-meaning parents and educators have taught us to feel it and make decisions from it. Crap! It's true and I know I've made this mistake with my own kids.

When do you know it’s okay to quit? When you notice that you are convincing yourself that it’s the right thing. When the push to do that thing is coming from fear of judgement or looking bad. I know that may sting a bit and yet it’s a truth bomb that you can’t ignore.

Tweak and Pivot

Know when the call to quit is really about making a shift or a small change in the direction you are headed. I must bring this point in, because sometimes we feel discomfort with something because we are afraid, so is truly called for is a mindset shift. Other times we need to make a small adjustment and then the alignment is back for us to continue forward. It's key that we feel into our discomfort and possibly just make a few simple changes to feel that important alignment again whether it’s a professional or personal life this is key to keep our truth at the forefront.

Being Okay with Quitting

What will everyone think? Here is that judgement we learned to feel when we were kids. The important thing here is to sink into who is really judging us. More than likely, it’s you, we are the harshest critic and often it’s all untrue.

To be okay with the idea of quitting we most give ourselves permission to let something go. Give yourself credit, you are killing it in many areas of your life. It’s okay to quit when you are saying yes to you and your blissful life.

Allowing yourself to quit is a beautiful gift you can give to you, when we quit, we make room in our lives for something magical to happen. We master our energy; we say yes to meaningful experiences. We learn what is right for us and those we love. Make sure to listen to this full conversation by listening to the podcast episode.

Until Next Time,


Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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