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Beautify Your Bedroom in 2 Days

Wanting to give your bedroom a makeover?

I have a simple 2-day process that will make your room a sanctuary by the end of the weekend. Let’s get real my friend, your bedroom has been the last thing on your to-do list and yet you are in it more than any other room in your house. Our bedrooms should be a place of beauty and ease, but yours is a dumping ground for your busy life. We are using a 3-step approach to beautify your room in just 2 days…Ready? Let’s Go!

Step 1-Declutter

Day one we are going to complete the first 2 steps so let’s begin…Where is the clutter collecting in your space? Is it under the bed, your nightstand, or is there a pile of clean or dirty clothes in the corner on the floor? No judgement zone here! But you deserve to have that real estate be clutter free. Our first step is to assess the clutter in your room and create a new rule…Your bedroom is a no dumping zone! As you clean up that clutter, and hopefully get some donations going to make some room in your mind and bedroom, you will vow to have a no dumping zone in your room. So, clean the shelves, drawers, closet, under the bed and wherever else you have been collecting and make some wiggle room. What are you not using…let’s get to letting go my friend!

Step 2-Make Your Bed

This sounds like your parents..I know I know! But there is something so amazing about the act of making your bed. There is a good easeful feeling that comes over you when you come home to a made bed. The power of it is real. So why does this matter? Having clean sheets and a nice place to lay your head every night will contribute to a good night of sleep. So, wash your bedding and get creative with decorating your bed. Maybe even splurge on some Egyptian cotton sheets…you can also do it on a budget! Here are some of my favorites on Amazon.

Egyptian 1000 thread count cotton sheets.

Step 3-Beautiful Things Space

On day two, we see a decluttered space with a made bed. Now, it’s time to look around your room one more time. What do you love in your room? What brings you joy? Because I guarantee there are many things that are just taking up space and there may be some items that you will want to add. There is one thing that I want to suggest and that is to make your room a no streaming zone. What I mean by that is no TV or Netflix binging in bed..unless you are having a purposeful lazy day. Seriously love, we must take control of our room by letting go of anything that doesn’t support our fabulous life. So, get to decorating and setting some new boundaries around your room. Make not of what activities you would like to do in your room…wink wink! But we must take control back, so you can have a beautified purposeful space to enjoy morning and night.

That’s it, 3 simple and yet impactful steps to transform your bedroom in a weekend. Then you can add some fun by having some quality time in your new space. A bonus step could be to add nature into your and air plants can take your sanctuary space to the next level. I want to hear about your transformations take a photo and share with us by using @joiekya on Insta so we can share in your new beautified bedroom!


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