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Balance Of Humanity

As a divine being, it is key to understand the Laws of your Universe. One of these Laws is the Balance of Humanity, this is the law of give and take, where we seek to be received and loved. Sometimes we give more and other times we receive more. We learn to understand this balance and yet there are times when we have given too much of ourselves. There are the moments when you feel so much as an empath that you are no longer feeling what is truly yours. These times can be confusing and energetic heavy. This is not your true nature, in fact, this is when you have entangled yourself in your own web. This is painful and is completely self-inflicted and yet we can learn to shift it. To unbind yourself you must awaken and remember your true essence and understand the Law of Humanity. A law that teaches us that we are here to learn and grow together and yet not rely on each other for our value.

As a ray of light, you emit power unlike anything man made. You only need to harness and direct it to see what its true nature and capacity is. This unconditional force is your birthrite, it is a collection of wisdom, lessons, pain, enchantment, passion, and pure love. We call your reckoning in this moment and within this call you are here to take your power more seriously than any other time. Beyond the earth, universe and your many rebirths we see you for all that you are. It is time to call your energy back, to harness your power and direct it towards your purpose, desires, and destiny. We own our brilliance when we call our power back and we give it in small and potent ways. Unlike like the past you are more aware of the impact you make with each action.

Gone are the days of carelessness. The fears that held you have broken free and you see them as childish gremlins that are no match to your light. Call all karmic ties to be released, call for deep insight and understanding, call back the energy you have thrown around for decades. It is time to awaken, time for your impact, and time for truth. Be bold. AHO

Joie Kya


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A wild soul that loves life to the fullest. I am all for finding your passion and directing it into your unstoppable purpose. 


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