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3 Success Strategies when Building Partnerships & Collaborations in Business

Hey friend! I know you are hearing a lot about collaborating and growing your business through community. Let me tell you it’s an amazing way to do business. I have been very busy in the background developing some exciting partnerships and collaborations that will emerge later this year. As I’ve been in this stage of expansion and collaboration I’ve noticed some important things around the process. Today, I’m going to give you my 3 Success Strategies and 3 Bonus Pitfalls to look out for. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Here are your 3 Success Strategies!

Success Strategy #1 Know What You Need at this Stage of your Biz

Not all partnerships are ideal at this stage of your business. You can love someone and think this could be a great partnership, but is it in alignment with your path. It’s important to look at your own business structure and initiatives and ask ourselves is this for me at this season of my life? This is always my first ask, because I’ve made the mistake of saying yes and committed to something that I wasn’t ready for in my business and therefore couldn’t maximize the opportunity.

Success Strategy #2 Do Your Research

This message is two fold. First things first, who is this individual? What are they about and is this someone that has the skills and strengths that align with your vision? Once they feel like a fit, our second point is what kind of partnership will you have? Is this project short term or a long term endeavor? What will it take to be successful, how much time and so on. Go in with as much knowledge and insight as possible.

Success Strategy #3 Know Your Vision

Now that you’ve determined this partnership is aligned, you want to be sure you know your vision and intended impact. The best collaborations are when both parties have vision and its aligned and their individual strengths and resources bring the whole together in a way that makes it a win win.

Know that we’ve touched on the 3 Success Strategies let’s look at the 3 Pitfalls.

Pitfall #1 Over Giving

Here’s one of my greatest lessons. Have you ever been the one that gives and gives and you realize you’re the only contributing to the project? Or to any relationship for that matter. Look I know that there are times when we are going to be the only who gives, but be aware that partnerships shouldn’t ever be this way.

Pitfall #2 You're in Burnout & Overwhelm

If you are already feeling stretched in your life and business wait to start. I know that a partnership can help ease the overwhelm, but you need to create time and space to do it.

Pitfall #3 A Red Flag is a Red Flag!

When you see red flags don’t ignore them. This will cost you time and resources. If something isn’t working end it and move on.

What's key, is that when we are ready to collaborate and bring amazing partnerships into our businesses we must do so consciously. You're ready for the next level, be sure to surround yourself with others who have that growth mindset as well. I'm sending you the best of luck with your future endeavors and lets rise together friends!

Until Next Time!

XOXO Joie Kya

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